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Store Manager's Allergies (f)


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I work at Wal-Mart and we have had quite a few very sneezy situations. Today, Our store manager had her allergies bad. She was in a code yellow meeting and kept getting interrupted by her allergy to sneeze. She sneezed a total of five times during the meeting. Someone asked her if she had a cold. She replied "No, Just my allergies."

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She had a bad day today with them. She ran out of her Zyrtec (prescription). She sneezed about 14 times today. Three times during a meeting . She had to stop talking and say "Wait, I have to sneeze....ahh" She sneezed another eight times while she was on a register. She likes to play cashier once in a while. She sneezed the final two times on her way out the door for the day. She was really blowing her nose as well.

I also heard her say "Ughhh...I hate this allergy..."

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Sorry, but 3 + 8 + 2= 13, not 14. Am I right? :P


I know. My math is bad. The other sneeze was as she was going out the door as well.

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