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A Convo Over Texting With My GF

White Rose

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so, my GF is sick. =(

and shes exactly like me when I'm sick...

she will NOT admit it!


so here is the conversation over texting we had last night. (I talked to her on the phone before this and she was so congested and sniffly!) it was so cute!

so enjoy!



K: “I know love. Haha. Does your head feel better babe? I’m sorry

S: “It’s okay love. Its not your fault. It’s mine. Lol (Talking about her headache)

K: “Yeah. But I still feel bad. =( I’m sorry you have a headache babe. Feel better!

S: “Thanks Love”

K: “No problem Sweetie. Maybe you should get some sleep. =)

S: “Nah. I’m not tired. And I’m really loving this book I’m reading. Lol”

K: “Oh. Well that’s probably not helping your head Hun. =) Do I need to come over there and take care of you? Heehee”

S: “Haha. I’d like that babe. Oh well, I’m finished now anyways. Lol (Talking about the book she was reading earlier.)

K: “Heehee. I would love to babe but I don’t think I could catch a ride all the way to your house. Heehee. Well, how about I take care of you in spirit.”

S: “Okayy! =)”

K: “So (switching to miss maternal chick) lol. Make some chicken soup. Get a glass of OJ. And get in bed missy! (Even though your “not sick”) It is my job as your wife to take care of you.

S: “Haha. Well, since your not here to make me yummy soup and get me juice and make sure I’m in bed resting, (Even though I’m not sick) I think I’ll just stick to a RockStar.

K: “No no Missy! You get in bed! Heehee”

S: “Haha. I’m in bed cuddled up with my new soft fuzzyish blanket thank you very much!”

K: “Heehee. No no missy! Get into bed! Turn the lights off and sit your cute little ass down in bed, and go to sleep little lady! Haha =)

S: “But wifffey I’m not tired. Lol. And I like my book”

K: “Haha. As I recall, that wasn’t part of my directions Little Girl. Haha. No book Missy!”

S: “But I’m not tired wiffey. Please can I stay up?? Lol”

K: “Lol. Sorryyyy but your going to sleep weather you like it or not Missy! Haha”

S: “Haha. I’m actually tired now so I am gonna listen and go to sleep. Nighty night wifey sleep well!”

K: “Good night. Sweet Dreams! Love you! =)

S: “Love you too.

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