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Catch a cold, maybe?


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I've been feeling very tired and overslept the last two days and generally doesn't feel up to do anything.

But I don't feel any throat sore and more sneezes than my ordinary morning sneezes. So I think I just need more rest.

Until 2 hours ago. I was going somewhere and decided to change my T-shirt. I chose one blue, plain T-Shirt and was going to put it on when suddenly I felt like sneezing. A quick, double, "HetSCHumph..HetSCheeMph.." were hastily covered and stifled into the blue t-shirt. Well, easy to guess, I must find another t-shirt cause that one got a bit wet.

Then, I felt really tired when I was in my friend's house and stifled another quick, "HetscHumph.." to my shoulder. After that, my head throbbed painfully. I went home and while typing my email (before this obs), I sneezed "HetsChEEw! uncoveredly, towards my lap. Think I am gonna sleep now.

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