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Guest Allergy62

Today M and I were riding the public bus. It was rainy and cloudy, so I wasn't expecting any sneezes from M. Boy, was I wrong!

A large lady got onto the bus and sat directly in front of M and I. She pulled out a bottle of expensive-looking perfume and sprayed a gererous amount. However, she mostly missed herself and sprayed onto M.

"Oh craaahhhh ATCHOO! Cra....ahhhh...heh HECHOO! Oh crap! Heeeee hetchoo! Ha achoo! Huhhhh....hehh.... Wehhh Itchi! We need to movihhh hushoo shoo shoo! We need to move! Heh heh hehhhhhh huh HUTCHAOOO! Hupchi!"

I just love her buildups, she always tries to talk!

"HehCHOOOchooHechii! Huh huh huh HAatCHI! Ishooshoo ishoo! Hehhhh... Heh... Oh it's gone. Huchoo! Maybe not. Ehhh ashoo!"

Our stop came up next, so we got off the bus. But M was still sneezing!

"it juuhhhh juhhhh achoo! Just won't hehhh...huhhh...HEACHHOOO! Just won't stop! Ishoo! Ahhhachoo!"

Unfortunately, she did stop right after that, but she was sniffling and rubbing her itchy red eyes the rest of the day.

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