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Her 'petite' and loud sneezes


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Here's one of my favourite observations, from my first year of college. I had a small part in a (rather bad) student play, and saw some sneezes from A, a girl who was also in it. She was 20 years old, quite busty, with shoulder-length brown hair, and a freckled face.

I was wondering around backstage, waiting for the rehearsal to start, and came across A who had sat down to read through the script. When I first saw her, she was frozen in a perfect pre-sneeze expression: eyes shut, mouth slightly open, hands held up, but away from her face. The rather girly expression that seems to say "Oh my goodness, I'm going to sneeze!"

She sneezed a feminine "Ah-Cheeew!", not loud and sounding almost spoken. I felt I had to say something, as she had sneezed right in front of me: "Bless you."

"Thanks," she replied, sniffing. "One of my more petite sneezes." she said, going back to her lines.

Not only did I enjoy the comment on the size of her sneeze, but I was very curious to see one of her 'less petite' sneezes ;)

Luckily I didn't have to wait long... a week or so later we were all helping to move some dusty old junk backstage. The dust must have tickled A's nose, and she let out a loud sneeze: "AAAAAEHSHOO!" sounding desperate and violent, quite different to her 'petite' sneeze.

I don't know if she could control the size of her sneezes- or if it depended on how irritated her nose was- but I saw her sneezes on a few other occasions, both the petite and grande variety! :D

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Ah, nice obs. I'm a very big fan of backstage sneezes (and on stage sneezes are even better!). I also like girls with variance, the best I've seen is a girl I know with 4 completely different styles of sneeze over a year or so :)

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the best I've seen is a girl I know with 4 completely different styles of sneeze over a year or so :rolleyes:

Wow, four different styles of sneeze? That's impressive!

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