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Double Trouble - (7 Parts)

The Rescue

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Chapter 1

Just a short sequal to the Jersey Summer of Zach's allergies. Probably the last story with these characters so I can try something new.

Staring up into the sky, with a grasp on one another's hands, Zach and I searched for shapes within the clouds. It had been something we did ever since we were little. The lovely spring afternoon was warm, and relaxing. A slight breeze caused the green grass to sway back and forth. We were deep within a piny forest of New Jersey called Double Trouble. The reasoning of the name was unknown to us, but we were about to find out that there double trouble coming our way.

"I'd say that looks a platypus... on drugs," Zach giggled as his ice blue eyes shined in the sun.

"Well now that is clearly a beaver, Zach, you are misinformed," I smirked.

"No, Kairi, I think you're the one that doesn't know a beaver from a platypus."

"You wanna bet?" I asked with a chuckle. Zach and I loved mutual bickering.

Finally we got bored of laying down watching the clouds and decided to walk the trails some more. All was fine, and nothing seemed to be wrong, but that was all about to change momentarily. I glanced over at Zach's direction as we walked silently through the woods to see him rubbing at his eyes in annoyance.

"Umm, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just got something in my eye. That's all," I shrugged it off and we continued.

The birds chirped their beautiful melodies and the squirrels scurried up the trees. Nature was soothing to me, so I enjoyed watching it all. Zach just looked ahead of him and walked contentedly up the path. We stopped at streaming creek and sat down on an old wooden bench. He slowly put his arm around me and smiled, "So how are you on this fine afternoon?" He asked in a fake British accent. Silly boy.

"I'm doing just wonderful, sir. And you?" I gave him the same ridiculous accent back and laughed.

"Absolutely marvelous," He said with a slight sniffle.

"Delighted to hear that."

He smirked. How he loved it when I went along with his British conversations.

He quickly jerked his arm back and started rubbing his nose with the back of his hand until it was slightly pink. He then moved his arm back to the way it was before and sighed, "My nose is so itchay." His nostrils flared in irritation.

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said kissing his nose.

"Oh thanks."


"Now I have to sneeze," He laughed with squinted eyes and twitching nose.

"Oh come on. You were going to sneeze anyways. I could see it in your eyes."

"Well you're heh... right, but I ehh... like blaming it on hih... you," He sniffled violently trying to get rid of the feeling but he just couldn't. He jerked his arm away again and sneezed into his elbow, "Heh-ihh-chew!"

"Bless you!"

He started to look up, but his face quickly became contorted again, "He-tCHOO! Ugh. Sniff! Wow."

"Hehe, you all right?" I asked fixing his hair.

"Yep. I just love sneezing," Zach said sarcastically and ran the back of his hand under his nose.

Straying from the subject I looked around to see unfamiliar landmarks, "Where exactly are we anyways?" I asked. Never, had I been through the entire forest before so a lot of it was new to me.

"I dunno. There's trail markers so it's all good," Zach shed some light onto the subject.

"Yeah, that's true. It's just weird. There's nobody else out here on such a nice day."

"Well maybe they're all losers who take the short routes."

I shrugged, and glared over at Zach who was making weird faces, "Wow what do you call that?"

"Call what?"

"That face you're making."

"Oh. That's the "I have to sneeze, but it's stuck and burns really bad face"," He laughed a little looking at me. He ran his fingers through his longer dark brown hair and sighed.

I didn't think anything of his tickly nose. He was a naturally sneezy kid, but every so often his allergies would go crazy. At the time, I hadn't even thought of that option.

"Ohehkay. Here it ehh... comes... heh-tCHEW!" He sneezed uncovered to the ground as his whole body bent forward, "Geeze."

"Bless ya," I said, fixing his hair... again.

"Thank ya!" He said playfully. He then got up and walked over to an opening in the woods nearby. I watched him from the bench until I could no longer see him from behind the trees. I slowly got up, feeling a little weird from sitting so long and started to follow.

"ET-CHOO!" A painfully loud sneeze echoed through the forest, and I knew immediately it was Zach. I met up with him to see him rubbing his nose, annoyed by how uncontrollably loud he was.

"Holy cow. Bless you," I said.

"I know. That was loud. Haha," His smile transformed into a frown as he looked around the forest, "Umm, I don't see any markers..."

"Oh gosh. What does that mean?"

"Well, we must have been so absentminded as we were walking that we didn't realize we strayed off from the path," He was calm.

"Ugh, now what do we do?" I asked giving him a death glare.

"Wow, chill. We'll figure it out. It can't be too hard."

We started following an unmarked trail, and little did we know, it only led us deeper into the woods, and Zach was starting to get uncomfortable. He stopped in his tracks which caused me to stop as well and look at him. He tilted his head back slowly with his mouth half open and his eyes which were now watering were squinted, "HEH-CHOO! Ahh-SHEW! He-ihh-CHUHH! Ehh... oh gosh..."

"Bless you! What's wrong?"

"I think my allergies are starting to act up..." He said sniffling.

Oh great, I thought as if our situation wasn't bad enough.


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"I think my allergies are starting to act up..." He said sniffling.

He thinks? ^^ This story is too cute. I would love for you to continue.

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Chapter 2

"Well did you take your medication?" I asked.

"Nah, they don't even work," He said scrubbing at his watery eyes.

"Ugh, great... now what?"

"I'll be fine. I just really need to blow my nose..." He sniffled as a way of showing me how badly he needed a tissue.

"You're lucky," I said with a smile handing him a napkin out of my purse, "Sorry it's all I have, but it's better than nothing."

"It's fine. Thanks," Zach said in a slightly congested voice and blew his nose quietly.

"There's only," I began thumbing through the napkins in my purse, "9 in here so don't go too crazy."

He nodded with a pre-sneeze expression and then turned away from me to sneeze a loud double, "HAH-tCHOO! He-ih-tCHUH! Ugh."

"God bless you!" I said.

"Ugh, thank you," He said as he exhaled, overwhelmed by the force of the sneezes, and wiped his nose gently.

We continued to walk deeper and deeper into the forest, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Zach was calm, but a little sniffly. I was actually really worried that we weren't going to be able to find our way back, and I had a right to be. There was a feeling inside me that led me to believe that we were indeed lost. Zach didn't seem to care. He kept his poker face, and just walked apathetically down the unmarked path.

"Ehh..." Zach slowed down with the napkin in front of his face.

"Gonna sneeze?" I asked.

"Heh...yeah... huh... Ah-SHEW! Heh-tCHEW! Sniff! HEH-pCHOO!" He half exhaled, half sighed, and then looked at me miserably, "Another napkin?"

I smiled at him sympathetically and fulfilled his request. He took it gratefully and then blew his nose hard, throwing both napkins into the forest when he was finished. Wriggling his nose around, he tried to alleviate his persistent tickle, but clearly it wasn't working out for him when he was forced to itch it with the back of his hand.

“So… you think this is the right way?” I asked Zach as he muffled a cough/sneeze into his elbow. I couldn’t tell which one it was so I didn’t bless him.

“Well I don’t know Kairi. Just have a little faith. We’ll get home fine, I promise. Think of this as just quality time, and after our nice walk of quality time we’ll be home,” Reassuringly, he put his hand in mine.

I nodded, feeling a little bit better, but I couldn’t help but worry. It was only natural.

“Let’s take a break,” I said pointing to a huge rock ahead. We both sat down on it and relaxed.

“My gosh. The pollen count must really high today. I feel like… blah,” He said wiping his nose with the napkin.

“Aww, poor Zach,” I said running my fingers through his hair.

He smiled at me with irritated eyes, "Being here alone in the forest isn't all that bad. We have eachother. That's all we need."

I giggled in happiness and then gave him a big hug, but quickly pulled back when I felt his breathing become hitched and frantic.

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Chapter 3

Ehh... I'm... sorhehry," Zach said as his bottom lip quivered and his nostrils flared, "Uhh... HAH-tCHOO! He-it-CHH! Ugh, gosh." He tried to stifle the second one.

"Bless you sweet..."

"Heh-tCHEW! AHH-shew! Ughh..."

"Wow. Bless you," I said rubbing his back gently.

He sniffled wetly and then looked up at me with watery eyes, "Thanks... another tissue?"

"Here ya go," I said with a smile and handed him the a napkin from my purse. Only 6 left now.

"Thank you," He started to rub his nose with it and then stopped and stared blankly in front of him. He then lifted the tissue so that it was in front of his face. His breath was hitching, and his nose was twitching, "HET-CHHHOOO!" The sneeze was extremely loud caused him to double over completely.

"Aww, bless you," I said sympathetically.

"Ugh, thandks. I thidk I'b dode for dow," His voice was muffled from the tissue he was about to blow his nose into.

"That's good. I was getting a little worried there."

"Nah, I'll be fine. I just hate sneezing fits. Sometimes they leave me gasping for air by the time I'm done," He said throwing the used tissue into the forest.

"Poor thing. Can't say I know what that feels like," I kissed him the nose and then looked around, "It's getting dark..."

"Yeah. I'm not going to lie to you, Kairi, I have no idea where we are," Zach grabbed my hand and said, "But it'll be okay. I promise you."

"I trust you," I said resting my head on his shoulder as we continued our walk.

"Good," Zach replied. His breath sounded a little uneven.

"I keep having visuals that a bear is going to jump out and eat us. That'd be scary," I said with a giggle.

"Yeaheh," His grasp on my hand got tighter as he turned to the side to sneeze a quick, "Heh-chew! Ugh."

"Bless you," I said as he retaliated, "Need another tissue?"

"Thanks. And no, I'm okay," He sniffled a little and we continued.

The sunset was lovely that night. The occasional cloud was outlined in pinks and purples, and the sky was reflected into orange from the leaving sun. Everything was calm and quiet besides Zach's occasional sniffle. I was put at peace for the time being, but the sunset faded to black, and pretty soon our only source of light was the stars. It became cold, and uncomfortable considering we were both dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. I could feel Zach shivering with my head rested on his shoulder. I wasn't that cold, but I definitely wasn't warm. Zach was one to get cold very easily. Luckily for us, we had hoodies wrapped around our wastes in case it did get cold.

"M-my teeth... are... ch-chattering," Zach said getting closer to me for warmth.

"I can see that. Put your hoodie on silly," I said putting my arm around him tightly, "Are your allergies at least easing up?"

"Oh... r-right," He was embarrassed, but he quickly put it on and the shivering subsided, "Yeah. My nose is still kind of itchy, but my eyes aren't as bad and I haven't sneezed in a while," He said rubbing his nose.

"Well that's good," I said with a yawn, "I'm tired..."

"Me, too. It feels hopeless in the dark. Maybe we should stop somewhere and sleep for the night."

"I'd be freaked that something would come up and try to eat us..."

"Kairi, I've been camping in the woods and slept outside before. Nothing's going to happen. You said you trusted me, remember?"

"Yeah. Okay... But where will we sleep?"

"There's a bench right there," He pointed to an old wooden bench that looked like it had been there for years.

I just nodded and followed him. I was helplessly tired and didn't think I could walk any longer.

Zach sat down first. I was about to do the same when he warned, "Wait..." I looked at him in curiosity but then I made out his pre-sneeze expression through the dark. Het-CHOO! Sniff!"

"Bless you," I said again trying to sit down.

"Gah, one more... Heh-ISH-oo! Ugh."

"Okay, bless you again. Now can I sit down?" I giggled sleepily.

"Haha, no. What's the password?" He sniffled a little and then smirked evilly at me.

"Move over before I do it for you," I said tickling him. He was quite ticklish I must say.

He laughed helplessly and then finally gave up and moved out of the way so I could sit down. I thanked him with a friendly push and then laid my head on his chest.

"Good... heh... night," He said uneasily.

"Good night... You're gonna sneeze again aren't you?" I said as I felt his chest heave.

"Ehh, gosh. Yes..." He quickly turned his head away from me and tried to hold back a triple, "Heh-chew. Hah-choo. Et-shoo." They were quick with no breaths in between. He slowly lifted his head back to where it was so he could rest in on mine sniffling like crazy.

Zach wiped his nose on his hoodie sleeve but then finally fell asleep followed right by me.

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Ooh, this is a lovely update. I can't wait to see what happens next. Something lurking in the dark? Bwah haha!.... :laugh: Just kidding. Great job. Can't wait to read more.

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Chapter 4

I woke up to the sound of crunching leaves. I could feel a warm light beating up against my face so I was hesitant to even open my eyes. Slowly, but surely, I blinked a couple times and then looked around to see that it was day time. No longer was my head rested on Zach's chest, but against the hard wooden bench. I lifted myself up into a sitting position and saw that Zach was walking around through the leaves looking down at his feet and pacing. He sniffled a little and then looked up to find my awake self, "Oh you're up! Finally... aha. You really sleep in."

"Yeah sorry. I was exhausted. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in days," I said while stretching.

"Well, are ya better n-now?"

"Yes I am. Bless you," I laughed at his ridiculous facial expression.

"Huh? I didn't sn...eeze. Heh... oh... uhh... Hah-EH-choo! UHSHOO! Heh-tCHEW! Sniff! Ugh!"

I crossed by arms satisfied at the correctness of my prediction, "Well I suppose I should bless again... and again for those last two that I didn't account for."

"Well... thank you. That's why I got up. I've been sneezing all morning, and I didn't want to wake you. Every time I felt like I had to sneeze I walked away and tried to do it quietly," He rubbed his nose with the sleeve of his hoodie.

"I appreciate you putting me before yourself. You're too kind," I said getting up to fix his messy hair. He didn't mind too much when I did that. In fact, he actually told me he liked it before.

When I got up I got a closer look at him. His nose was a couple shades pinker than the previous day, and his eyes were so bloodshot and watery that he looked like he had just gotten over crying. He sniffled wetly and then looked into my eyes, "Allergies suck." He looked resentful.

"Oh, darling. Would you like another tissue?" I felt so bad for he and his misery that he was trapped within.

"That'd be nice," He said trying to wipe the tears from his eyes. I handed him the tissue and he took it gratefully, "Thank you," He said with a sigh, and proceeded to blow his nose with great intensity, trying to clear it the best that he could and then tossing it to the ground and burying it under some leaves.

"You litter bug," I accused with a smirk.

He looked at me with piercing ice cold eyes and said, "Is there anywhere else to throw them away?" Obviously he was kidding trying to be serious, but failed epically as a smile developed across his pale face.

"Well no..." I laughed.


I changed the subject, "So now that it's light out, do you know where we are?"

"No, not at all," He awkwardly chuckled and then looked around, "We had better start walking..."

I nodded in agreement, and we, yet again, continued on our journey. Zach looked tired. I had the feeling that he didn't get much sleep at night out of allergic annoyances. I faintly remembered waking up to his body convulsing and him attempting and failing at stifling, and then trying to keep his nasal discharge under control by sniffling as subtly as he could without disturbing me. While I was in deep thought, and completely absentminded to my surroundings as I put one foot in front of the other Zach stopped abruptly with a surprised look on his face.

"You all right?" I asked.

"I have to sneeze," He replied staring blankly at the ground, "HEH-CHOO! ET-CHEW! Uhh... Heh-ISH-oo! Ihh-CHOO! Ugh! Gross..." All of his sneezes were expelled towards the ground, uncovered with him bent at the waste. As he got his act together, he kept a hand over his nose and sniffled wildly, "Ugh wow. I dow there's odly 4 left... but I really deed to blow by dose." He said in a congested voice.

I reached into my purse and handed a napkin to him without hesitation, "There ya go."

"Thadks," Zach said and blew the congestion out of his nose and instead of throwing the tissue into the forest, he stuffed it in his pocket.

After Zach's episode was finally over we walked across a small bridge that went over a creek. Everything just felt so hopeless. I wondered how our parents were feeling at that moment, and I began to realize how double our trouble was. We were lost in the middle of a forest with no trail markers, no sign of any other people, and on top of it, Zach was miserable with his allergic reactions to the abundance of pollen located within the wooded plain, "Double Trouble," Zach said, "They call it that for a reason."

And that they did.

TBC... maybe one or two more chapters? Just until they escape... or lack of escape? Just kidding. Haha.

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Chapter 5

We had been walking for about 2 hours since we had woken up that morning. Hopelessness, and weakness swept over the two of us as we stopped clear in our tracks, panting slightly. Zach allergies weren't too bad aside from his constant sniffling. The sneezing seemed to die down. That is, until he looked down at the ground to see his nightmare, "Oh no..."

"What's the matter?" I asked in curiosity.

"Look..." He said, clamping his nose shut.

"Oh. That's just great," I looked down to see a layer of pollen sitting over soil covered ground. Not only was it there, but it was also floating in the air.

"Sobeody bust have shaked the freakidg tree," Zach said, still holding his nose. Of course, that wasn't helping him with his eyes. The tears flowed down his face like a waterfall.

He removed his fingers from his nostrils to wipe his eyes real quick, but made the mistake of breathing in. Quickly he tilted his head back and sneezed a very forceful, "HAH-CHOO! Ugh!"

"Aww bless you," I said seeing how awful he must have felt.

Now that it was already up his nose, there was no hope for him to get rid of the sneezes by just covering up. We attempted to walk around it, but it seemed to be everywhere. Eventually, Zach had to stop to get a multitude of sneezes out of his system, "Hah-CHOO! HET-CHEW! Uhh... Hah-IH-CHOO! HET-CHOO! Uhh... Hah-pCHEW! CHOO! GAH! Sniff! This is heh awful."

"My gosh... I haven't seen you sneeze that much in a LONG time. God bless you!"

"Ughhh, thadk you," He looked at me with icy, watery eyes, "Tissue please?"

"Sure," I said handing a fresh napkin to him. Only 4 left now.

He stared at it for a while with flaring nostrils and then finally sneezed vulnerably into it, "HAH-CHYOO! Mm-pcheww," The second sneeze was half stifled, "Ugh lets get out of here like... EH-SHOO!...sniff... now."

We tried to escape as quickly as we could, but Zach was still sneezing excessively, and the pollen seemed to follow us.

Zach stopped at a large tree. I figured that he had to sneeze... which he did... but there was another reason, "HAH-CHOO!" He doubled over and lifted his knee up with the force of the sneeze, "Ugh, look!" He said out of breath.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Triumph swept over me when I saw what he was looking at, "Thank the Lord!" I shouted through joyful laughter.

"I knowhhh. It's ehh...CHEW! Sniff! Fantastic..."

"Bless you," I said going over to give him a hug, "Now all we have to do is follow them."

"Yehhh... yeah. You uhh... you might wanna... AHH-SHEW!... umm get out of the way. Sorry," Zach turned his head to the opposite direction of me to sneeze.

"Haha. That's okay. Bless."

"I still feel like I have to sneeze... really bad, but it's... it's not... ehh... coming," He glared at me.

"Here..." I handed him another tissue.

"Thanks..." He pulled away from me and started sneezing into the tissue, "tCHOO! Hah-CHEW! Ughhh EHH-CHOO! HAHH-CHEWW!" Directly following the fit he blew his nose.

"Wow... are you okay?" I asked.

"Ugh... no. The freaking tickle won't go away," He said, panting, "Ehh-CHOO! Hat-chhEWW! Ugh. It feels like I can't... ehh... EH-CHOO!... stop."

"Aww just keep blowing your nose to try and get all the pollen out. We should be home pretty soon... that is, if this trail isn't too long," I said. Knowing that some of the trails could take hours to finish.

"Ugh... it better not be. I... I... HAH-CHOO! UGH! Can't take this!"

"Calm down. I'm sure your frustration isn't going to help."

"Eh-tCHEW!" Was his only response.

"Bless you..."

"Thank you," Zach said while pouting.

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Chapter 5 is soo good! Yay, they finally found a trail...but who knows how long it could take them to get home. The suspense is killing me! Well, not really. I don't want Zach's delicious sneezes to end. ;) Thanks for the update!

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You're awesome for always commenting. Thank you very much. XD

And no problem. I'll be continuing very soon.

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Chapter 16

"I feel disgusting," Zach said as he scrubbed frantically at his nose.

"Aww... I don't know what to do for you," I said with sympathetic eyes.

"EH-CHOO! There's nothing y...you can mm-pchewww. Sniff! Do. Thanks though," He quickly kissed me on the cheek before his face became disoriented again, "HAHH-CHOO! Ughhh Heh-CHEW! Sniff! CHOO! Ugh. Gosh."

"Bless you!"

"Thank you," Zach said, his voice was breathy.

We walked somewhat swiftly, but with Zach's constant pauses to sneeze, I knew that we wouldn't be home for quite some time.

After sneezing three identical, "HAH-choo!"s, Zach looked at me with watery eyes and asked for a tissue. I handed it to him, warning that there were only three left after that. He nodded hesitantly, but continued to blow his nose as effectively as he could, "My nose is numb," Zach said with an apathetic sounding voice.

I simply replied by rubbing his back to try and ease the tension. He shut his eyes as we walked and I guided him on the trail. I could see his irritated nostrils flaring every other second, but I could tell he was trying really hard not to sneeze. Eventually, he just gave up and opened his eyes. He then turned his face away from me and sneezed a loud, "HAHHH-CHEWW!" uncovered towards the ground. He sniffled hard and then shut his eyes again as we continued our journey.

"Bless," I said.

"Thadks... by dose is running like a faucet right dow." He sniffled wetly to demonstrate for me.

I tried to be sympathetic, but his analogy caused me to giggle a little bit. He forced a smile and then motioned toward my purse. I realized that he needed yet another tissue. That's just great. Two left.

He took the napkin, and blew his nose then wiping the bottom of it when he was done. He then stuffed it into his pocket like his previous ones, that way he wouldn't get in trouble for littering his snotty tissues.

It had seemed like Zach's allergies led led him to the stage of a severe runny nose. Even after blowing his sniffles were wet, and every time he sneezed he miserably tilted his head back a little and sniffed to try and stop his nose from dripping. To try and keep his mind off of it I decided to start a conversation with him, "It's a very nice day," I said looking into the perfectly blue sky.

"Huhh... yeah," Zach said wriggling his nose around after a false start, "Not even one cloud."

"I know. I like it," I said looking deeply into his ice blue eyes.

"Me hehh, me... ugh, sorry," He snapped to begin his next fit, "Hah-CHOO! Uhh... HAH-EH-CHUH! Sniff! Ugh!" He glared at me, looking frantic, "Uhh... tissue! Hehh... mmp-cheww." He tried to stifle before he could cover the sneezes.

I rummaged through my purse and handed it to him as his eyes fluttered shut and his nostrils flared, "HAH-CHOO! HAHH-choo! CHOO! HET-CHEW! Hah-CHEW! EHHH-SHU! HAH-pCHH! HUT-CHEWWW!" Zach was exhausted by the time he was done. He only gasped for air about every other sneeze, so he was panting from the force.

"Oh my... bless you," I said completely stunned by how forceful and plentiful his sneezes were.

"That felt good..." He said blowing his nose.

"Clear you out some?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Still a little tickly, but better," Zach scrubbed his nose and we were able to continue... for now.

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;) This update is just...just...so positively wonderful! All the sneezes and lines such as, "'That felt good..." He said blowing his nose.'" I almost melted into a puddle on the floor.

And at these lines I felt like jumping into the fic and hugging Zach: "'Aww... I don't know what to do for you,' I said with sympathetic eyes./ 'EH-CHOO! There's nothing y...you can mm-pchewww. Sniff! Do. Thanks though.''

Nice work! I can't wait to read more.

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