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hot guy sneezes while placing his order


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so this guy came in and i noticed that he was uuuhh...HOT! he was buff, had blonde hair and blue eyes and some tattoos and i was just like *drool*! anyhooo, i was taking his order and i was askig him something and he brought a balled fist up to his face and said, "yes...puh-please..." and then he sneezed 3 times in a row, i said bless you the first two times and then stopped. They all happened one after the other with just a breath inbetween, "HUSHOO! HRRUUSH! HRUUUSHOO!" and then he kinda coughed and went on with his order. Of course i had to reask him the question i had already asked him because i was too busy staring at him to remember what he'd said.

short and sweet but i thought some of you might enjoy :-)


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