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boyfriend's vacation sneezes (m) and a few self (f)


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It's my favorite season (allergy season) and I've been too busy that I haven't been on here in the last month! I hope I didn't miss much, I noticed about 5 million observations I missed out already. Don't worry I'll catch up! Meanwhile I have a few observations to add:

I went on vacation with my boyfriend to the caribbean, When we were on the plane going there, I was sleeping on the tiny pillow on his lap. I heard and felt his diaphragm breath in, sinking in his muscular stomach and he stifled a Huh-Nxg-shoo! Since he stifled I pretended that I was still sleeping and I knew there would be more. Again his stomach sank and he let out a hugh-xxxt-shoo! Uhh-gnnxxght-shoo! ahhh-nggxt-schoo! Chuuu! I knew that he would not stop sneezing if he stifled them, so I opened my eyes and got up and streched out my arms as he let out a Huh-ISH-OO! I blessed him. He started to say, "Sorrry babe, I-I- uh- HuhISHoo! I didn't mean to-to-- ISHOO! wake you up!" I blessed him again and said I wasn't tired anyways. He then went into his finale of HuhIshoo! UhISHOO! breath, ISHU! HIEETSCHOO! and then said wow! My allergies have been going crazy lately. I blessed him and asked if he was okay and if he needed to get allergy meds once we get on the island. He thanked me and said he didn't trust any homeopathic remedy they had. I mentioned they probably have zyrtec or claritin at a store but he declined and I smiled. :omg:

When we were in the hotel hot tub. He took a breath and then ducked under the water and there was bubbles coming up. I didn't think much of it, thinking he wanted to get his face wet. Then I see him take another breath and go under again really quickly and he came up with his hand on his nose. :D I then realized he was sneezing and I moved over onto his lap as I saw him breathing in to sneeze again...and he let out a HUHT-Esch-o---. The end was in the water and he tried to push me off during it to make sure I wasn't in the line of fire. I blessed him and he held out his finger and sneezed to the side a nice "HuhISHoo! Ishoo! HUH-ESCHOOO! I asked him if he was all better from his sneezes and he replied that he was fine and thanked me.

We were at the beach and we went into the water, I was on his back and I dunked him on an incoming wave. He got some saltwater in his nose and he said, "dammit I have to sneeze--" B) His head went back touching my shoulder and he sneezed a hUTTTESCHHOOO! into the air. I fell backwards into the water since he nearly flung me with the trajectory of his sneeze. He lifted me up, and then sneezed covering his mouth, HUtIshoo! (his specialty) I blessed him and then held his nose and told him to stop sneezing. He hitched a nice huhh--uhh--huu and let out a HUHISHOO! HuhISH! HUhISCHOO!! He told me that touching his nose was not the best thing to do. I asked him if he wanted to go back to the beach. He shook his head yes with another pre-sneeze face coming, then let out a HUT-ESCHOO! ISHU! HuhISHOO!! I blessed him and we layed in the sand. He was flat on the blanket and lifted up his head to sneeze a HuhESCHoo! uncovered. Another one followed about 30 seconds later and I covered it with my hands. He laughed and thanked me for covering it. :rolleyes: This happened about 20 more times and I blessed him after each one. The last one he hitched in a huuh--uhhh--huuuhISHOO! HUHISCHOO! HIESCHUUU! HieESCHOO! He let out a groan because he was sick of sneezing and I blessed him and then asked him if he was done. He replied that he thinks he is as he hugged me closer to him. :innocent:

He had a lot of random triples throughout the whole vacation but these were the most memorable ones of the trip. :D

As for me, as we got ready for dinner, I got out of the shower in a towel and sniffed a liitle. I then sneezed a HutChoo! my boyfriend blessed me and before I answered I sneezed another AHTCHOO! He blessed me again and then I let out a more desperate HUHT-SCHOO! He again blessed me and told me to stop. I thanked him and my sneezes did stop. During dinner I still had a little bit of the tickle in my nose and I stifled a huh-ngxt, nggxtt, huh-nggxtt! He blessed me and since I'm the same way with stifles, that once I start I can't stop, I excused myself and sneezed a huhngxtt! as I left the table to go to the bathroom. I blew my nose lightly and sneezed a HUTSCHOO! ATSCHOO! HUTCHIEEEW! into a tissue. One of the other people in the bathroom blessed me and I thanked them. I hitched a little bit and then let out a HUTCHIEEEW! and blew my nose again. One last HUTSCHIEWW! AHTSCHOO!! HUh--uhh HUTSCHIEEEEW! and then another blow and my nose was fine. I washed my face out so my nose wouldn't look so red and I returned to my overly concerned boyfriend. He asked if I was alright and I said that I was okay and I just didn't want to sneeze and have everyone stare at me and get grossed out. He said oh everyone was already staring at how beautiful you look. :jawdrop: I melted and thanked him for the lovely dinner.

Sorry this one was long too...but I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. :D

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Hey don't apologize! I love long stories!! Especially when they are so well written and when a sneezy allergic boy is in it!! :rolleyes: Such a lucky girl, at the Caribbean AND with a sneezy boyfriend :wub:

I don't know why but I particularly love airplane sneezes too ^_^

Anyway thanks! I really enjoyed it!!

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Guest Tootsie2008

Guh, that's hot. O.O

mmm, we're going to the Caribbean ourselves, but not until November 6th. d'oh! honeymoon!

anywho, congrats on all the lovely sneezing from your man!

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a sneezy sweetie? very nice! what he said to you at dinner has to be one of the sweetest things i've heard in a long time... he doesen't happen to have a single brother does he?! lol thanks for sharing some great obs :yuck:

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