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yesterday this guy that i'm friends with and maybe sort of like was telling me how he didn't really feel good. He sounded sort of stuffy so I tried not to sound excited. I asked what was wrong, and he explained that his nose was all stuffy and he kept sneezing. it was so cute! before this we had been in class and i heard him sneeze twice, "HEH ECHOO! ECHOO!" and the conversation just made it better. He went on to say how he didn't know if it was a cold or allergies to dogs, as he works around dogs alot. :P

i usually get uncomfortable talking about sneezing but this was actually enjoyable for me

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it feels better when you are talking about sneezing with people who understand :P great obs and thanks for sharing!

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what a cute obs!! i agree, its so awesome when someone just starts talking about whats making them sneeze...:P great obs!!

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