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Another Self Obs


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Well, it is actually a relief to think that my cold has finally decided to fully appear...my nose has been pretty much constantly itching/burning for the last two days.

I'd just stepped out of the house this morning (actually early for the bus for a change...I can't breathe well enough at the moment to run :) ) and taken as bigger lungful as I could of crisp Autumnal air. Suddenly the low grade itch in my nose turned into that violent tickle which could not be ignored. I tried desperately to itch my nose on my forearm to get it to go away, as I had my bag in one hand and my keys in the other, which would mean that it would be difficult to cover...unfortunately that just seemed to bring it on more quickly :blushing: . Four violent sneezes followed, two sets of rapid doubles..."HAHHPPTISCHHHHHOOO...TISCHOOO"..."HAATISSSHHHH..TISCHOOOOO". I did manage to get my hand to my mouth in time, hey keys can always be picked up!

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Wonderful obs! :) And such interesting parallels with my self-obs. It is true, when your hands are occupied, you nose always itches :blushing: Bless you!

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Awwwww bless you, Dom... I hope you feel better soon, my friend. Objects seem to always get in the way, huh? :blushing: Please take care of that sore nose. Many wishes for a speedy recovery.

:) hollyberry

PS- I find your prattle very endearing... you are simply adorable.. :blushing:

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At least dropping keys probably isn't as dangerous as falling out of bed. :)

That was a really cute obv. though.

Yeah.... times with hands full generally seem to be the times one's nose gets really tickley.

Bless you. Take care and hope that you are feeling better soon. :blushing:

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Awww, thank you for the well wishes people :blushing: Glad you enjoyed!!

Lol...It is I believe part of sod's second law Susie...no problem is ever simple :)

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Very sweet obs Dom, I could easily visualize it, thank godness you were not involved in a joust or a full tourney at the time at the time - :)

Imagine dropping your sword milord...

Feel better soon, sweet sweet darling... Many blessings


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lol- Dom, another fantastic obs!

Hope you feel better soon, you did sound distinctly coldy when i spoke to you earlier :blushing: In fact, there really was no need to apologise because you sounded gorgeous. lol. (I love that)

Look after yourself.


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