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I was in the break room at work this morning getting a cup of coffee (always good to take a break before you actually do anything right?) Jesse, one of my coworkers (who is a long time friend of mine as well) came in (if you've seen the 70's Show he looks alot like Eric) looking horrible. Before I could ask he told me he was coming down with a cold and wanted to get as much done as possible today cause he didnt think he'd be in the rest of the week. We talked about general office gossip for a few minutes before I headed off to my office bummed cause he works on the floor below me.

Early in the afternoon he stopped by my office to pick up some files for his boss. I was on the phone at the time so he stood there waiting. My this time his nose was very red and kinda swollen looking. He was rubbing it almost constantly and breathing through his mouth. He took several tissues from the box on my desk and wiped his nose. With that many tissues I knew a sneeze or blow had to be on the way. I finished up the call and turned my attention to him. Playing dumb I asked him what he had come up for. Before he could answer he turned away and sneezed 3 very wet hhaaaaarrrssssss sounding sneezes into the tissues. Turning back to me he tried to talk "I need to <sniff> to (tissues back to his nose) acccchooooooo shhhhhoooo" My reply "Well I'm glad you came all the way up here to sneeze and prove you're sick but you could have called and sneezed over the phone and not infected my office" He blew his nose "Sorry, I need to pick up those files for Ben. When I get back downstairs if I need to sneeze again I'll call and let you know (tosses the tissues into the trash and grabs several more). We all work too hard around here so maybe I should give my cold to everyone so we can all get a few days off. At this point he starts to get "the look" again and sits down directly infront of me. I pretend to be pulling the files together for him (they were waiting already but he's going to sneeze again so I need to stall). I ask him if he's ok and he shakes his head no "gotta really sneeze and its stuck" (Ok I love the torture of a good stuck sneeze so I'm really loving this) "Well take your time and get it unstuck while I get the files for you" I go back to pretending to look for stuff and glance over at him noticing the tissues over his nose and his eyes closed. I grab the folders and sit back at my desk. His head tips back and he sneezes twice violently into the tissues. Before I could bless him he launches into a fit of 11 medium size sneezes. I blessed him and he held up his hand to signal he wasnt done yet. About 30 seconds later he sneezed 5 more and then blew his nose. Just then the phone rang.. it was Ben wanting his files. Jesse quicly left and is supposed to call me later to let me know if he'll be in tomorrow or not


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