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Just Had A Date (male) With A Cold...

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Just had to share this...

So I had a date this afternoon with this guy I recently started seeing--I was just beginning to think it wasn't happening for me with this guy, you know, wasn't feeling the sparks--but I like him, and went to hang out with him today. He answered the door and I soon noticed he seemed to be sniffling and I commented on it. "Yeah, I think I might be fighting something," he said. I kissed him anyway. I'm not germ phobic, don' t get sick very often--and it's colds in particular that turn me on!

So we were talking and kissing intermittently, and as time went on he sniffled more and more and kept getting tissues. I was really enjoying myself! At one point his eyes glazed over and he looked distracted. "You look like you're going to sneeze," I said. "Yeah, it's been a sneezy day," he said, but he didn't sneeze. Later, when we were out in the garden--he had the most amazing sneezing fit! "AaaaaTCHOOOO! AAATCHOOOO! Huh-huh-HATCHOOOO!" like ten times! I gave up saying bless you after each one. He blew his nose and groaned, "I think I'm definitely getting a cold," he said. "I think you've got one," I commented. I was soooo turned on!

We went inside and he sneezed some more and I encouraged him to take some of his housemate's vitamin C. and here's the frustrating part--After this sneezing fit, when he really had to admit that he was sick, he no longer wanted to kiss me! He said he felt too gross. I told him that I didn't mind, that I didn't think I was going to get sick, but he said he just felt too icky. I bore it bravely and did not reveal my disappointment. I actually thought about telling him about my fetish, but it's too soon. Anyway, we'll see if the sparks are still there when he's not sneezing!


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