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Well, I had to do it sooner or later and it may not be to everyone's taste, but I shall tell you anyway.

Last night, my friend Rosalind, who I have referred to fleetingly in a previous post (see Falling Fast by Bridge) treated herself to a local motel with a spa and various other luxuries. She wanted me to spend the night with her as she hadn't seen much of over the last few weeks.

This morning, while we were still in bed, waiting for room service to bring breakfast, I think she was talking at the time, she paused and said "I'm going to sneeze" She has known about my fetish since I met her in 1989 and tolerates my infatuation with it, more than anything.

The other thing is that she rarely gets more than a second's warning of an impending sneeze and she never actually announces it.

I calmly slid my hand across her mouth and nose. Not the first time, over the years. I thought the distraction would fizzle the sneeze away, but she just took another couple of breaths and released her familiar "Atishooo!" directly into my waiting palm. You know the type; a little shriek on the end.

I felt the rush of breath, but it wasn't very wet. Unfortunately, for Rosalind to sneeze more than once is a disinct rarity, but my hand had it's first treat from her in several years.

So, as I said, not to everyone's taste, but what is this fetish for if we can not link it to intimacy?


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