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The coffee shop I hang out at was pretty busy today. I was sitting doing some work at my computer for hours, or I should say I was trying to do work with a hangover. Anyway when I was finally done I went up to settle my bill and my nose started to itch. I have this weird thing that I sneeze when I have a hangover. Anyway I am trying to hold it back until after I signed my credit card slip but the woman working is like doing two things at once so it is taking longer than I could hold my sneeze in for. She finally gives me the pen but I have to duck my head in to the crook of my arm "heee chh" I sneezed the hee was barely hearable. I started to write on the slip again but I had to sneeze again. It was the same thing three more times. I just stood there looking at the slip and sneezing. Finally I signed it. But walking back to my table I sneezed again twice. THe first on was the same "hee chh" but the final sneeze what louder more like "haa chhh!". The guy at the table next to me was watching (teehee) and blessed me immediately.

On my walk home I thought about it and I realized that I always sneeze seven times.


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Very nice self-obs, Tal, and bless you. :wub: :wub: :wub: So you sneeze 7 times at least? Sounds very nice. :):wub: :wub:

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Interesting self obs - thank YOU ! I think we all should do more of these.

Interesting too that you sneeze when you have a hang-over.

I know a couple of people who sneeze when they have had too much to drink, but I dont know if it goes on to the hang-over period too.

Come to think of it, I often have a sneezing fit when I'm clearing up after a party, after everyone else has gone. Perhaps it's the same thing!

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