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Was out doing some shopping tonight at Walmart. Needed to pick up some contact lens solution which happens to be in the same isle as the cold medicine.

Guy about 30, short dark hair, average looking with a bright red nose was looking over the selection of cold meds. Probably wouldnt have noticed him but he was rubbing his nose and sniffling

Suddenly the choice of contact lens crap becomes very important, boxes must be read to make sure the choice is right :)

He didnt disappoint! He pulled a large white hanky from his jacket and wiped his nose. I noticed he kept it in his hand while he went back to checking out the meds. He turned to the side so that he was now facing me and brought the hanky up a few inches from his face. Holding it with both hands he sneezed a medium size but very wet sounding double cchhoooo AAchooo and then gave a wet blow while still holding on with both hands. I blessed him and he apolgized and said he caught a cold from his kid. Before I could think of a reply he turned away and sneezed another double into his hanky (no blow this time) I blessed him again and took off before things got strange.. even though I'd like to have stayed and watch him sneeze more


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