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Firework Night Self Obs (m)


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I think the sulphur in fireworks is getting to me. I have had an itchy nose since about 2.30 this afternoon, and was pretty much continually scratching it until I finished work. As soon as I stepped out from the comfortably warm office into the fresh breeze that was blowing through Oxford early this evening I started to feel the itch intensifying to the level of "I have to sneeze". I hastily put down my bag, stopped in the little cobbled passage that runs past my favorite pub and prepared to bring my hand up to my nose...my breath hitched...then nothing! The itch faded into the background again...I muttered under my breath (I hate it when sneezes get stuck like that) and continued on my way.

My nose was still itching all the way home and all through dinner, I kept rubbing it with the heel of my hand in the vain hope of bringing on a sneeze or getting the itch to go away, but nothing was happening. Until about an hour ago, when I nipped outside. It is Guy Fawkes night here in England, which means lots and lots of fireworks...and the smell of burnt gunpowder. As soon as that hit my nose the itch became a furious tingle again...and about halfway down the garden path I had to stop and very hurriedly cover a violent sneeze *HAAHHH..TISSCHHHOOOO*...this was immediately followed by a rapid fire triple *HAHTISCHHH...TISCHHHHH...TISCHHOOOO*, after which the tickle subsided, thank heavens! Unfortunately I couldn't record it...so I thought I would post the obs for you all. Hope you enjoy :tomato:

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Awwwww bless you, Dom.. :tomato: I would love to see you rub that nose of yours with the heel of your hand... too adorable for words.. Thanks for posting your obs. I enjoyed it, as I enjoy everything you share.

:ak47: hollyberry

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Remember Remeber the Fifth of November!

Gunpowder, Sneezing and Snot!

An alternative version, lol!

B :tomato:

:partytime: That's great Bruyere...I'll have to remember that one!! :ak47:

And thank you Susie and Holly, glad you enjoyed :laugh::)

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