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Contacting the staff

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If you have a question or comment about the Forum's rules, day-to-day running or even something else, you can either contact us via PM (individually) or you can also contact the senior staff via e-mail by mailing to staff@ and using the same domain as the site's URL (minus the WWW obviously). Forgive us for not typing our e-mail address out in its entirety, but we get too much spam that way :P

Should you receive a "non deliverable" reply, please ignore it - there's also an old "owner@" account that's no longer used, but it's still tied in with the staff e-mail account - sadly, as we no longer use it, nor even still have the password for it, it's full and now sends out that reply. We're working on having that fixed with the next software update :twisted:

Please, do *not* contact us to ask when you'll be validated. That's all covered in the rest of the Read Before Posting section, and we're working on streamlining the validation process to reduce the current admin workload. DO absolutely contact us if you're having any problems with your account, or if you have any questions OTHER than "when am I gonna get access to the restricted areas" :drool:


The SFF Staff

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