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Been a while since I saw a lot of decent female obs, though I've seen a few females sneezing a couple times from time to time, which is definitely a good thing. :D

I got a new job selling knives a couple of weeks back (KITCHEN knives, people:P) and had a meeting tonight from 9pm. There was this one female, not sure how old she was, but probably around my age, I think, with dark blond hair, and glasses.. I guess she had a cold, but I am not sure. In any case, she had been pretty sneezy; I must've heard her sneeze at least around five or six times while I was there. Two of them were in the other rooom, but you could still hear them. She wasn't too loud, but was at a moderate pace. The final time she sneezed, I could see it on her face a few minutes before she was going to sneeze, like it was stuck, and then she finally sneezed. :rolleyes: Very nice.

The meeting was cut short to go out advertising. I hoped to ride with that girl who was sneezing a lot, but I didn't. I did ride with another female. She was 19 and had dark hair She rubbed her nose and sniffled a few times. I was hoping she would sneeze, but unfortunately, she didn't. Oh well. At least I got something good for the night. :yes::drool:

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It's not...Cutco is it? The same company that stations themselves all over the country, putting ads in the newspaper that recruits young college kids to sell knives in different people's houses, like those annoying tupperware "parties"? Claiming that it's convieniant working hours and says just about everything that someone in college looking for work is looking for...in fact, it's eerily and suspiciously exact to what one is looking for. Everyone's really nice, and really buisness-like. You walk in there, and they welcome and talk to you...there's a cute young secretary who talks to you...asks you where you're from...small talk to keep you interested. When I tried for it, I thought it was going to be a group prodject, but it's not. You have to be really outspoken for that, they are good knives, and I've heard you can make a lot of money from it, but...I've been to that "first meeting" before and was totally just turned off by their whole system. They make it sound so easy, but something to me just didn't seem right about it.

But, whatever...if you got the job, then...more power to you, I hope it all works out as they claim it should, and if it doesn't...I hope you get out as fast as you can.

Nice obs, by the way. :yes:

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Yeah, I'm not really sure about how they have the meetings set up. I am trying to get some with my mom's friends to start off with. Already did it with my parents. I'm a bit slow getting started. We'll see how it goes, I guess. Whatever I might seem like on this forum, the fact of the matter is I am NOT a social butterfly or all that outspoken off the net. But the money seems good (i'm not even sure how I got that job and I went in there thinking I wouldn't get it), so I'll stick with it for now and see where it takes me.

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I'd say it's good if you're an Advertising major or something along the lines of that. But I still don't like the way they do buisness. I mean, first of all they're not a school, they're a company. Have any Journalisim schools asked them to come by and have their students do some internships? Why not? They're so convienant for college students so what's the catch? And if they take so much pride in what they sell, then why wasn't it in the newspaper ad? Why didn't it just say "Attention college students! Make money selling knives!" or even "Make money selling kitchen knives" or, of course "Work for Cutco, make lots of $$$". Don't tell me it's too long with all the other information I left out, they're rich, they can afford to buy more space. And even then when I called them, how come I never heard about it on the phone? How come all they stressed was "Come to the meeting and dress nice". Why is it that it wasn't until I walked through the door and sat down that I finally had a chance to understand what exactly I was going to be selling?

There's a lot more to this "why I don't like Cutco" story, including what happened to me when I decided at the end that I didn't want the job. :drool: I could go on and on...and maybe I will someday in The Snake Pit. :yes:

By the way, I am a skeptic...in case you couldn't tell :D

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