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Obs: Lady On A Train (sneezing With Great Blowing)

Guest Honk-guy

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Guest Honk-guy

I sat down directly across from a pretty asian woman today. I really

didn't notice her until she broke out into a HUGE sneeze fit.

She sneezed 5 times in rapid succession (Chew Chew Chew Chew Chew)

and only after the 5th was she able to pull a tissue from her hand

bag. Lucky was it that the 6th sneeze had a long buildup that had

her holding the tissue 4 inches from her soaking nose...opening her

mouth...you know, "the look"...then letting off a full-blown monster

sneeze directly into the tissue. The sound of the sneeze's force

hitting the tissue made this fantastic HMPPPPPH. Deep, almost

trombone-like. THIS WAS THE RARE "SNEEZE BLOW COMBO" followed by a

long loud honk.

My lovely sneezer became my lovely blower and it was a sight and

sound to be seen/heard. She honked out 5 staight blows into the same

tissue. Opening it up, finding a dry spot and putting it between her

first two fingers on both hands and letting out a HUGE honking

sound...similar to the one below: (paste whole URL in your browser window)




Once complete...my blower's poor nostrils were bright red and

chapped. The rest of her nose was fine...but ohhh, those 2 nostrils

were oh so sore. I loved it.

What a treat...

I see that blow fetishists are here as well...this seemed like a nice mix)

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