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When was the last time you said Bless You?!


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I said it to my best friend yesterday evening. We were at mcdonalds eating something when she suddenly sneezed. She always stifles and then adds a breathy chiew after the sneeze. So I just said oh bless you and said whew thank you almost as if she was surprised by her sneeze and then she laughed and said you know it's always really important to add the chiew after the sneeze. I just laughed and said yeah it is because I didn't know what to say

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My coworker a couple days ago. We were in the middle of a conversation and she jerked her head away from me and sneezed twice. They were both the kind of sneeze that are just one syllable like a "choo" without the "ahh" . It was just the two of us in our office at the time, so I had the guts to bless her! 

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To an elderly patient last week who sneezed twice and I couldn’t ignore the second one 🤮🤮🤮🤮 It was horrific. 

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Hmm, it must have been 22-23 years ago when I studied in the US. In Sweden we sometimes say "Prosit", but blessing a person who sneezes isn't really a thing, just as boxed tissues aren't. (Another discussion in another thread.)

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Yesterday, to a colleague. He’s a rather sneezy person and I can just brush it off most times but this time he was talking to me and it was mid-sentence, so I had to 

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Last night at work to one of my favorite assistant managers. We are in the final week of our inventory, and working on final preparations for it. I was busy with a project in my department, when he came over to check on my progress. He started to speak, then got the look, and sneezed softly to the side. I blessed him, even though he looked slightly annoyed after he sneezed. 

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A few hours ago when my friend sneezed in class. It was a strongish “hpt’CHU” and I bless him, giving him a quick glance over and I saw the corner of his lips tug upward slightly before he thanked me. It was cute.

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