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I was having a fairly rubbish day at work today. The pouring rain was keeping customers away and I needed to make over £2000 for us to break even for the week and it was 3 o'clock and we'd barely made £400 and then.... something made it all worthwhile! :D

I was serving a woman and fetched her two different types of boots. Her boyfriend had come in with her and was wrapped up like Kenny from South Park so you could only just see his eyes and the tip of his nose. I thought it was just because he was fed up at being dragged round shoe shops on a Sunday afternoon but as I was getting one of the pairs of shoes out of the box he began to sneeze. He sneezed about 5 times in a row, a "Hehshoo!" sort of sneeze into a green tissue. He looked quite miserable after this and his girlfriend must have asked if he was alright as after that I heard him mumble "Yeah, I'm alright" followed by a large amount of sniffing. He then paused snatched the tissue up to his face and sneezed twice again. His girlfriend meanwhile had decided on a pair of compleyely impractical brown suede boots with white fur trim (don't come crying to me when they're ruined in a week) Unfortunately neither of them had enough money to pay for the boots. I was tempted to offer them for free after the lovely show that the guy had given me but in the end the guy showed himself to be a complete sweetie by putting a deposit on them for his girlfriend till they had the money!

We didn't even get close to making £2000 today but I couldn't care less :yes: Funny that! :drool:

B :rolleyes:

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