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Last saturday my girlfriend who is 29 came back from shopping and she said 'look what I bought'

She then pulled out a pack of 7 ladies hankies. Think she said she got them from morrisons.

2 of them were blue, 2 pink, 2 peach and also a white one.

On the same night she decided to use the white one of which she blew 3 messy blows into it.

Earlier this week she claimed that she needed to wash them as to sofen them up and I said that she should have done that first.

Well that brings her total up to 10 because she has 3 other white ones, sometimes she'ill even borrow mine.

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She doesn't know about my fetesh, not too sure if I will borrow them as their alittle on the the smaller size than my hankies, although I am abit tempted.

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