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Counting Sneezes


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i just heard a girl in my school sneeze three times. here sneeze is great, aloud and hi pitched ishhhh and overexaturated ooo. i love to count her sneezes, 18 over the last two years. does anybody else like to count sneezes?

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not usually though once out of boredem I started counting my friend Tasha's.

but that was a while ago mostly I just hand her the kleenex. she is really hot of course most asian women are :D

--Aaron-- :D

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Sometimes I'll tally them up in class, like in the margins of my notebook. :D Not really sure why I do that either, maybe I think that if someone sneezes more than once...I'll be able to remember it later. *shrugs*

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today in english class i heard/saw six sneezes from four girls and one guy, i don't know what was going on in that class!

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