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have been liking this boy for ages - not really my type usually - quite short, blonde but nicely toned, a beautiful straight nose and so much fun to go out dancing with. He has never really shown me much attention, but the other night with a group of mates at a gig, we got chatting and decided to go sit in a corner with drinks to take a break.

Usual loud and smokey atmos meant we sat nice a close :D chatting about the music blar blar.. then his eyes started flickering a little and he pulled away a bit. tipping his head back with the well known expression he said "sorry i just have to sneeze for a bit" and brought his finger up to his nose. don't you just love it when someone holds their finger under a nose - so much nicer than covering their face cos you get to see their face!

With a couple of false starts he started sneezing - Ha - huuh... (briefest pause) ttchoo - nothing over loud of show-off-sneezes, just fantastic - again and again. i never knew he sneezed like this, all the time i have liked him - and this hasn't helped!

It was obviously normal for him cos although he was a bit embarrassed (but that made it all the more cute) he carried on talking through-out the sneezing, his voice warping and desperate at times when a sneeze was coming on mid-sentence and he had to take that deep breath in. He must have sneezed about 12 times - each one with a slight false start or two, each one with a pause before the release, where from the gloom i could watch his twiching nose and try desperately to hide my blushing and concentrate on what on earth we were supposed to be talking about!



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Very nice. I Love the whole trying to talk through the fit thing.

I can understand why it'd be a Tad bit hard to concentrate. :D

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