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Okay so, I've had a thing all semester for this guy who is in a class with me. I was thinking this morning that I had never seen him sneeze, and since today was the last day of class, I probably never would.

So here we sit next to each other in class taking notes, when I noticed him sniffling a bit. Didnt think much of it, cause it was pretty cold in the classroom and practically everyone was sniffling. He leaned over to read my notebook, because he didnt catch all of what the professor said and when I glanced up, he suddenly turned his head away from me and sneezed, really fast and pretty hard. Almost sounded like a harsh cough. I'm not really sure how to pronounce it though, sorry. It happened so fast that I didnt get a good look at any kind of expression, but I'm sure it was adorable. I was so shocked that he actually sneezed that I was only able to manage a whispered 'bless you', but I dont think he heard me.

He sniffled a couple times after he sneezed, and then about 5 minutes later he started sniffling again and rubbing at his nose, but sadly no more sneezes.

As far as looks, he has a round face, dark buzzed short hair, glasses, and always wears a once-white-beaten-to-death ball cap. He is just the biggest sweetheart of a guy. And ladies, he's a volunteer firefighter.....can he BE any sexier?

So yes, I am a happy happy girl.

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