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Sneezing At Tim Hortons (m Obs.)


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Earlier this week I was out with a girlfriend having coffee at Tim Hortons. For those not from the northeast Tim Hortons Cofffee kicks Starbucks butt. Well back to the story sitting to the side of use were 3 really cute guys. Well as my friend was going on about our Biomechanics project that is coming due I heard one of the guys say "here he goes" so I try to look over without my friend catching me and I see one of the guys frozen with this wonderful sneezy expression on his face. He just sat there for what must have been around 10 seconds before he let out a beautiful sneeze. What I thought was funny was that his friends didn't say aword during the 10 secounds they just sat there like it was old hat to them and then after he finished they just went back to there buisness. How could they not know what a masterpiece it was. Well at least I knew.

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