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Yesterday was one of the two days I have off before Christmas eve. I planned on getting most of my shopping done. Instead I was guilted into taking my nephew to the mall to see Santa. You cant shop with this kid.. he's either whining non-stop or he tell everyone what you bought soon as he gets home

Rather than start a big family war I just shut up and hauled him off to the mall with his list to give Santa (quickly did the math and he's asking for about $2,000 worth of crap.. can you say spoiled)

We get in the huge line of other screaming, whining, spoiled brats and wait and wait and wait. Finally we turn a corner and can actually see Santa. As we get closer I notice he keeps tugging his beard down a bit and rubbing his nose (which is very red) To amuse myself I start to picture Santa being allergic to his beard :) A few kids more to go in line and we are close enough to get a good look at him. Santa appears to be fairly young. After one screaming kid gets off his lap I see him turn away from the line and bring his hand to to face. The elf seems to be oblivious to this and dumps another kid on his lap. He turns back around and asks what he wants and then just keeps nodding as the kid rattles off his list. Santa wrinkles his nose and it become obvious that he's holding back the sneeze that the elf interrupted. The kid gets done and soon as he's off Santa turns to the side again, tugs the beard down a bit and sneezes HARCHOOOOO HHHHAARRCCHHOOOOOO away from everyone but uncovered (cant have santa sneeze into his hands and then handle kids I guess). I found it odd that no one blessed him (arent you supposed to kiss Santa's ass?) Next kid goes though his thing and again between kids Santa turns and sneezes again (single this time). Finally my nephew gets up with his huge list and starts to read stuff off. Santa is struggling and actually presses his finger under his nose and pretends he's really thinking about the kids requests. Finally he stops him and takes the list and says he'll make sure to go over it very carefully. The train is setup right next to santa and the kid wants to ride so I let him so I can watch Santa. One more kid and then Santa whispers something to the elf who reaches under the counter and pulls several tissues from a box and hands them to him. Santa excuses himself for a moment and goes behind the Santa house. He wraps the tissues around his nose and gives a long blow. Though that might be it but I was wrong he sneezed a powerful double paused and sneezed another. The final sneeze stuck for a bit and then finally came out. Santa wiped his nose, tossed the tissues in the trash and went back to his seat

Guess that will teach him to take a job where snotty kids sit on you all day :)


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