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My aunt is... well, crazy. She had a lot of things happen to her in her childhood that made her a little strange, but she's a delightful person. She's probably one of the funniest people I know. A sick sense of humor seems to run in our family. :innocent:

She texts me with all the time with random thoughts and pictures. We actually talked about how funny necks were for five minutes yesterday, how they do nothing but hold your big head up all day and they're never thanked for all the work they do. (Yes, I might be insane too, seeing as I initiated this conversation.)

Just now she sent me a picture message with the accompanying explanation: "That was my neighbor LOL..... too dark." In reference to how dark the picture was, and how you can't really see what's going on in it. So I said "What's he doing?" and she replied "We were talking bout my phone & I snapped his pic... he was just sneezing cus he was sayin he had a cold.... haha."

I forwarded the image to my email to take a better look on the computer. Sure enough, it's a bald black man who appears to be sneezing. :lol:

My aunt never gave any indication of having the fetish. In fact she's weird about germs and sickness and anything associated with it. She just sends me random crap all the time, and this just happened to be a picture of a dude sneezing. :lol: If I had to tell any family member though, it would be her.

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Mine we call our fun aunt. Sounds like you and your aunt get along great.

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