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Okay so a few days ago I hung out with my boyfriend, we're gonna call him M. Alright so first M and I were hugging for some reason, his face was pretty much buried in my shoulder for some reason, cuz thats just how he likes to hug, and suddenly he sneezes, 'Het'TSCHoo!' and mists the side of my arm. I plan on not telling anyone about the fetish for a while so our conversation after went a little like this,

"Oh ew, you told me you wouldn't do that anymore."*

"I'm sorry *snf* I didn't see that coming"

"It's okay, but try not to do it again okay?" I like sneezing but not being sneezed on.

"Okay, okay if I do it again I can just turn away."

"Sounds good to me." about 10 seconds later his nose like twiitches and he mumbles, 'hang on', he rubs his nose and then his breath starts hitching, 'heh'hehhh'heehhh'...Uh'tchuhscheh!'

And then after that he started sounding super congested. If he'd sneezed a few more times I would've died me a happy death inside

(*okay so one day M's allergies were acting up really bad, we were at school so this is in between periods since we have no classes together. We were walking together and I noticed he was sniffling constanly, and he kept like, twitching his nose I was about to ask him if he was okay and then suddenly, ''heeehhhh'HUh'PSHoooo!" he decides to go all sprinkler on me. M has really wet spraying sneezes. I gave him a mildly dirty look and he laughed at me, then he sorta stopped and started sniffling again. His eyes were watering too, someone even asked him if he was crying , heeheee, anyway he kept sniffling and rubbing his nose and he had that pre-sneeze look on his face but his breath wouldn't hitch so he couldnt sneeze. I watched this for a good 4 minutes and then I had to go. He never sneezed the second time, at least not in my presence :boom: ) Blah. I just felt like sharing :omg:

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