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Friend Observation (Male and ginger!)


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Okay, I've never started my own thread on here before, but I've been waiting to share this with you guys for what feels like months now! This guy is my friend's boyfriend's brother. He lives with them, and whenever I go over to visit my friend (who is a girl), the four of us always hang out. He has THE BEST SNEEZES, I swear to god. One time we were sitting on the couch together and he sneezed like, two feet away from me and it was glorious.

Anyway, he's pretty tall, and well-built, and almost a ginger. (He's got this cute strawberry-blonde hair and almost-freckles. NOM.) He's kind of a tough-guy, so it only adds to the hotness when he sneezes. He always sneezes in sets and I just MELT every time. A few times he's sneezed while I'm in the middle of a sentence, and it's TORTURE to ignore him and try to keep talking (or even jokingly bless him) when my train of thought has been so completely derailed.

SO, the reason I'm posting today specifically is because I just came from over there. My friend and I were in the kitchen, and he was in the other room. Suddenly he sneezes three right in a row. "Ha-ESCH-oo, haESCH-uh, ESCH-oo!" Sweet JESUS, it makes me weak in the knees. Thank god my friend was talking and not me, because I completely spaced out for a moment. Then, she gives me a dish to take out into the living room, which is perfect timing because as I start to walk out there I hear him sneeze again, "Ha-ESCH, Ha-esch-oo!" and then as I round the corner and (finally) see him, his eyes shut as he shakily sneezes into his left elbow, "Ha-ESCH-uh!"

Let's just say I was out of it for a couple minutes. :laugh:

My friend and I were upstairs afterwards (the boys were still downstairs), and I was slightly intoxicated, and I had been thinking of a way to say something and not sound like a weirdo, just to see how she would react. So I just said, "You're gonna think I'm weird, but when [he] sneezes, it's really cute!" She kind of laughed at me a bit (not in a mean way!) and we went on with our lives. I don't think she has any idea what I really meant, but that's probably good anyway. I was kind of hoping she would give me some info, like if he had allergies or something. I mean, he sneezes at least one set every night that I'm over there. I want to ask him myself, but I'm too nervous that I couldn't pass it off as a normal question. I feel dirty for this, but I really want to go over there when he has a cold, because I bet it'd be amaaazing.

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Sounds really cute! I hope you find out what's making him sneeze, I'm curious too. I know some people who sneeze everyday just because they're sneezy people, not from allergies or anything. :laugh:

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That sounds amazing! Thank you so much for sharing in such detail!! Wonderful!! :(

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