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so at my birthday awhile ago, (we'd rented a room in a hotel)there were about 40 helium balloons, and i got high on about 20 of 'em. while high, i let my friend use the internet on my computer (most DUH move of my life) and she happened to be looking for a site that started with an s, and she saw this in my history, and so i had to confess (it really wasn't that bad). then the next morning, after gross hotel breakfast, we decided to go swimming. before we left, right before we put on our suits, she sneezed not once, not twice, but three times. they were sort of deep at first, and then they ended sort of high pitched, 'husheiw!!' sort of a thing. so we get suits on and head down to the pool, i didn't really want to make a big deal out of it. then in the pool, i see her eyes flutter shut, and then she sneezed three more fabulous sneezes. i giggled this time, asking her what was with her nose, and she raised her index finger and sneezed four times more. it was the best present i'd gotten that year.

okay, thats all for now! hope ya like it!

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Omigosh these sound really cute! So many sneezes too! I love when people who are about to sneeze hold up their fingers to make you wait. :D

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