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First Post Ever :D


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Hey everyone xP This is my first post ever on here, so I'm a wee bit nervous. I just had to share this though. It was too cute. I'm not going to spell out the sneezes though because they were mostly stifled and I'm just plain terrible at the spellings.

So I'm in this show right now, and there's a really cute guy in it. Unfortunately, he is not my love interest in the play. So sad. We'll just call this guy A because that's what his character's name starts with.

So A and I were offstage together for a scene while another character performed a monologue. We have this thing where we randomly start messing with each others hair and patting/stroking each others faces...it's really weird, but it's funny. I messed up his hair, then ran my hand down his face, and I guess some lotion or something on me made him need to sneeze because he immediately pulled away, made the cutest face EVER and stifled two sneezes into his arm. It was freaking adorable xD Though I was a bit embarrassed by the fact that I caused him to sneeze, my day was made.

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Aw you made him sneeze! That's way too cute!

Welcome! :drool:

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Sounds very cute indeed. <3 Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks everyone, I feel so loved :cryhappy:

So today only leads were called for rehearsal (me, A, and two other guys) and he wasn't there :razz:

Our director said he called in sick that morning? Coincidence, perhaps? :eek:

He should be back tomorrow though :D

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What a wonderful first post!! Thanks for sharing, so cute!

Oh, and if he happens to have a cold...maybe you can share more? :blushing:


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So A was back today! :)

Today we did a full run through of our show. A and I start off by hopping out from behind a couch, so while we waited for our cue, we were crouched back there together and I could hear him sniffling a little. He didn't seem to be miserable or anything, so if he's sick it isn't too bad. It may just be allergies that were bothering him. He sneezed once from offstage during the run through, the same kind into his arm as before. He's kind of adorable :laugh:

I don't have any classes or anything with him, so all I have to share are from rehearsals...where I'm supposed to be 100% focused, but with him around, that's probably not going to happen. xD

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