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Boyfriend FINALLY! Watched buildup!


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So, my bf does not sneeze very much naturally....he is VERY VERY accomodating with inducing, however. YUM.

But a few days ago we were at a bar celebrating, and he was signing the check when I see him look over his right shoulder with what I thought was a confused look....thought he was looking for the waiter. Then his head snapped down with a tCHEEW. For all the sneezes I have seen induced from him, and all the ones I have heard I miss in person...it wasn't that great of a sneeze. I mean, it sounded throaty and kind of like it hurt, so that took away from the pleasure for me. BUT the buildup was to die for...and I have never really seen the WHOLE sneeze process naturally for him before.

II'm pretty happy about the experience overall :D

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Oh yay! I'm glad he induces for you but nothing beats a natural sneeze. B) I love the confused pre-sneeze look. :D

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I love the confused pre-sneeze look. :D

I'll second that!! Love it, too!

Thanks for sharing that rare natural one!! :D

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You got me hooked if you put 'build-up' in the title :D

Im happy for you, that he induces for you and you had such a lovely experience with a natural sneeze. Build ups :D

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