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Kitchen accident


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poor little guys knocked over some really tickly spices. now they desperately try not to sneeze because of their unstable electricity generation





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Ohmygosh so many sneezy Pikachus. B) I love the spices floating around in the air. Clouds of pepper, pollen, dust, etc. make me super-happy. :D

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Ahaha, poor them! So cute and funny.

This scenario is all too familiar though. I used to work in a Chinese kitchen. Whenever someone ordered a spicy szechuan style dish it was so hard to go back there! You could hardly BREATHE with all the spices... and of course there were tons of people sneezing (which kind of grosses me out, it having been a kitchen and that... but I choose to believe it was not on the food :D ).

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Slightly alternate version of this one (pichus eyes)


oops forgot about this guy! last post I promise XD


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