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So, I'll first say that I'm not actually all that annoyed, because I've been lucky enough to get several wonderful obs as of late. But this one was just like... seriously?

I was in class today, and there's this guy, D, whose sneezes I just love (but I haven't seen any since last year). He's sort of an odd guy, too. One of those quiet, loner types, and I don't see him very often (this class is like, an elective every-so-often thing).

I was looking at him, and I sort of have this vague thought register in the back of my head. You know when like, you realize something, but you don't think about it exactly? Anyway, his eyes were looking a little teary and droopy and his nose was red, so in the back of my head I'm kind of like "Hahaha, it looks like he's about to sneeze!" And I look away. And about half a second later, there comes this enormous, absolutely-gorgeous triple and I turn back just in time to see him buried in the crook of his arm, recovering from the third. Ack. I actually can't believe my stupidity.

Sorry, that's kind of a stupid obs, but it was just an incredibly odd both-wonderous-and-disappointing moments for me. Meh, at some point I should probably type up all of the tremendo obs from the last few weeks.

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Nooooo! That sucks! I do that sometimes too and it's so frustrating. At least you got to see a sort of pre-sneeze face... and hear the sneezes... but I guess that just makes it even more frustrating that you were so close to witnessing the actual thing. ;) Better luck next time?

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At least you got to hear them? And predict the sneezes? Still a lovely obs, and I totally understand what you mean. I was helping a customer one time, and saw one of the cute guys I work with looking like he was about to sneeze, but I walked around a corner with my customer, and then I heard it, and it was too late to walk back to see it. So, it's kind of a bittersweet thing. Glad ya heard it, wish you could have seen it. :)

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