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This is quite an odd feeling, Brother...

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[[[First off, I wanted to apologize for my absence here. I have had a lot of RL stuff going on and I know you guys don't really wanna read all about that stuff. xD Just know I'm back, hopefully for a while, and I have a few stories to post. This one goes along with my love of Superjail and a bit of persuasion by a certain someone...*eyes Pirka*...I've recently fallen in love with the series, especially the 4th episode of season 2, Hotchick, which is Twin based. I LOOOOOVE the Twins and am glad they finally had an episode with a hint on their background. I hope there are some Superjail fans here that will like this, and if you're not a SJ fan, well...I hope you enjoy it anyway! ^^]]]


"Nyakt ko la relack toma seran toke lark fortora?" The large, blue skinned being with flowing yellow hair, red markings on his unibrowed face and tiny blue wings flapping spoke on the large screen in his native tongue. In translation, he meant, "Are you two ready for your year abroad on Earth?"

The two he was speaking to seemed rather relaxed, reclining in their chairs inside of their intergalactic teleportation vehicle. They seemed like two younger versions of the one speaking to them, with regularly colored skin, the same yellow hair, the same unibrows and matching space uniforms. They looked up to him with matching grins as the one on the left piped up first.

"Tolak ko forgarla mela nok tame, Ozal..." he said, meaning, "We are already here, Ozal."

"Novero Ozal...era 'Itaah'..." Ozal responded with a scowl, meaning, "Don't call me Ozal...it's 'Father'..."

"Melak farko domara iten fola? Era kobara tan..." The other twin said, meaning, "Can we get going now? It's boring here..."

"Yorak...hok derra novero awer relak fon nyakt voka toma meta inolo lark...terra relak un dor ahana..." Ozal finished before closing his connection. His language translated to, "Alright...but don't forget that you two are only there for a year...or you will be hunted..."

Once communications with Ozal finished, the Twins stood from their chairs and stretched from their long journey from their home planet. They decided to tap into the main computer's information of the ways of Earth, then stepped into two special capsules, a grean aura surrounding them for a long moment. After which, they emurged and looked exactly the same, but gained more knowledge of the Earth's ways of life, as well as spoke in the most popular tongue.

"Well, Brother..." One twin said to the other, looking at him from the corners of his eyes, a small, scheming smile on his face. "Looks like we are ready to take our grand tour."

"Indeed..." the other twin said, his voice a slightly higher pitch than his brother's, the only true way to tell the two apart. "Let us make like the oxygen producers of Earth and 'leave'..."

"Hahahahahaha..." They laughed in a monotone unison before vanishing in a green glow.

Outside, the sun was shining brightly. They had landed in a field of lush, green grass, flourishing plant life and tall trees of different varieties. The blonde alien twins took a moment to get their lungs used to the oxygen within the area, when one twin, the one with the higher pitched voice, felt his unibrow tremble above the brim of his round nose. He ignored it as it was very faint and took out a scanner of some sort, aiming it around.

"Planet Earth: Composition; 70% water, 30% land. Oxygen levels at 78% with Carbon Dioxide levels fluxuating between 21 to 22%. It seems that the oxygen we take in reverses itself into Carbon Dioxide from our internal organs..." he said, still inspecting the area. His brother curiosly searched around for any forms of life in the field, when he came across a butterfly that had landed on a bright orange tulip.

"There seems to be some sort of life form over here..." he called for his other brother, who came over with the scanner. The scanner beeped a few times, then the image of the butterfly came on the screen, as well as a description of it.

"The scanner says the name of the creature is called a...butterfly..." he read, his unibrow twitching lightly again, the twitch making its way down the bridge of his nose. "It says it feeds off of the nectur of the plant life here, especially those brighter colored ones called..." he ran his scanner over the tulip, edging closer to it. "...flowers. This particular one is a tulip, one with a five year lifespan if treated properly."

"I see...Are there any life forms we can communicate with here?" The deeper toned twin said, already getting bored.

"Not around here, Brother...this field seems quite wide open...no sign of anything that looks intellectual." he said with a sigh, putting away his scanner. "Perhaps we should try and teleport somew--" his voice trailed off as the twitch from his unibrow had made its way all the way down to the tip of his nose, it turning a tinge of green. He scratched underneath his nostrils as they began to itch. "That's odd..."

"What is it, Brother?"

"There is some sort of irritant in this area that has infiltrated my nasal passages...I...I have never felt like this before, Brother..." he said, genuinely building mild nerves.

"Perhaps your respiratory system will expel of them in some way?"

"Maybe...a-actually, I think..." he stuttered, his breath beginning to hitch. "...th-that is just wh-what is happening..."

His brother stepped around and behind him as his eyes fluttered closed, his hand wavering in front of his face. His upper lip quivered as the itch turned into a tickle, and with one sudden motion, his unibrow furrowed and his eyes tightened closed.

"Nyaaa-HE-CHOUUUF!!!" he sneezed, loudly and for the first time in his life. His brother was startled by this and ran to him, holding around his shoulders.

"Are you alright, Brother." he asked, concern on his voice.

"N-No, B-B-Brother...l-look out, it's...heee-" his voice hitched as another sneeze built. Frightened, his brother backed away just in time.

"Hee...Heeyyyaaaa--..." he felt it building deep in his sinuses as if it were being tickled by tiny hairs and feathers. He never felt this before, and he was scared to let it out. But he couldn't stop it now. "Hee--Hegyaaaa-CHOOOUU!!" He sneezed powerfully enough to fall onto his backside, into the grass and tulips which stirred its pollen to fill the air around him like a cloud surrounding his face. He snivelled harshly, not knowing it was the pollen doing it to him. His brother knelt down to him, holding his hand.

"We must leave this area now. We can find a more suitable land for you!" he begged, already beginning to prepare his teleportation.

"B-Brother, I...hii-...Heee--..."


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I LOVE SUPERJAIL AND I LOVE YOU FOR WRITING THIS! The idea of any of the characters from that show sneezing never really appealed to me (except for maybe the female Warden :lol:) but you totally changed my mind. I also thought the twins were annoying but after seeing Hotchick I've gained a new appreciation for them. (It was so sad when they were separated and they started crying!)

The dialogue was perfectly in character. I love how scared he got for his brother when he started sneezing! :laugh: They're so cute, they don't realize how harmless it actually is. I can't wait to read more.

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The Twinsssssssssss :lol:

Superjail...there's just...there are no words. I'm so happy that this exists. :nohappy: And I adore the twins! A lot of people don't like them/think they're annoying. I think they're hysterical. And you seemed to capture the way they talk really well!

I will definitely be looking forward to the next installment. :laugh:

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So, so, so, so, so, so, so...


...so, so, so, so, SO WORTH THE WAIT. I freakin' LOVE the way you write.

...ironically, I think my favourite part was the little dialogue with Ozal at the beginning. It was so cool how you wrote out their language, too!

Also, it's an interesting twist that only one of them seems to be affected! :laugh:

The closest thing I have to a complaint - and this is REALLY, REALLY MINOR - is that, due to their green blood, their noses would turn green rather than red. :lol: DERP DERP I AM SCIENCE.

Kepp up the awesome aaaa~

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The closest thing I have to a complaint - and this is REALLY, REALLY MINOR - is that, due to their green blood, their noses would turn green rather than red. :lol: DERP DERP I AM SCIENCE.

Oh wow, I totally forgot about that! *fixes :laugh:* I forgot they were like Vulcans xD

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[[[Thanks for the positive responses everyone! I love how I'm usually the first one to write fics from shows/books/games that no one else has and then starts up on writing their own! <3 <3 <3 Anyway, here's the next part! I'm trying to write this as it would be persieved by the twins as a first for everything, hence why they didn't know what a butterfly or tulip was at the beginning. I know I said in the description of the story that this is an allergy story, but...I can never follow up with that whenever I write. This one focuses on sneezes from cold air, and then the next one will be from them being sick because of this chapter. I wonder if I can edit the story description...]]]


"NYEEEH-CHOOUF!!" The brother panted and sneezed as he tried countless times to teleport with his twin. But each time they came close to using their power, the violent tickle would return and he would burst into another harsh fit. He couldn't even stand, and each sneeze stirred up more pollen from the tulips, causing the cloud around him to grow. The other brother tried pulling him to his feet.

"We must get out of this toxic area! This part of Earth is killing you!" he said in a panic, worried of both of their well being. The sneezing twin struggled to his feet, leaning on his brother and panting hard, his eyes and nose both a growing, irritated green.

"B-Broth--HEEE-CHOOOO!! B-...Brother, I...I cannot fo-...foc--NYAAA-HECHOOOUF~!!! Heee...ihhhyeeee..." he held a hand firmly against his nose and mouth, trying to suppress another fit. He looked to his twin, tears speckling the corners of both of their eyes.

"Concentrate, Brother! I'm getting you out of here!" he said, grasping at his free hand and setting his teleportation abilities at high power. The other twin held his breath, still feeling the tickle in his sinuses, but shutting his eyes tight to try and focus it away.

He felt the teleportation aura surround them, and soon overpower them both. Within seconds, the fields of green grass and orange tulips were gone, along with the warm yellow sun and the endless blue sky. They were now standing calf deep in some fridged, white substance with more falling like tiny stars from a grey sky. There were no trees, no tulips, no butterflies. There was just this cold white stuff, along with a very cold wind whipping through the twins' hair, against their faces, even into their uniforms.

On the twins' home planet, they are used to a constant temperature and hardly ever experience any sort of weather, except for their equivalent of rain, which is a hydrogen rich component that allows the plants to grow high and even live like humans, consuming meat when malnurished, have conversations and, like most on their planet, transform and teleport to readapt. And even with this 'rain', the temperature never reached below 70 degrees Fahrenheit on their planet, which they would consider 0 degrees Zokol, as it is the constant. So the twins are always used to average and warmer temperatures.

Finding themselves in an area below freezing, however, made both of the twins fall to their knees, going deeper into the snow and shivering, huttling together for warmth.

"Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Where a-a-are w-w-w-we, B-B-Brother?" The sneezing twin asked, feeling his fit subside from the cold winds, but not relieving. More like hidding away for the time being, an effect from teleportation.

"I-I-I-I-I d-do not kn-kn-know...y-y-your sc-scanner...t-t-test the a-area..." The other twin replied through chattering teeth.

Shivering, he slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the scanner, shaking as he searched the frozen tundra with it. As he did so, a gust of wind shot him in the face and into his skin tight uniform. His rounded nose quivered and he immediately held his free hand to it, trying to read out the scanner through squinted eyes.

"Th-Th-This l-land is kn-known as...C-C-Canada...th-the v-v-v-very N-Northern ha-ha..." As he tried to speak, he took in more fridged air, his nose beginning to run and twitch rapidly. He tried holding it in as much as he could, until--


He jumped at the sound of his brother sneezing loudly behind him. As he turned, a strong wind whipped the scanner from his hand and off to the distant snow piles, burying it beneath more and more snow. He lacked concern for the scanner as he shuffled worriedly to his brother, who was now going through the same suffering that he was.

"B-Broth...heee...HEE-CHOO!!...B-Brother...a-are you...you...HEK-CHOOOF!!...Are you a-a-alright?" He asked worried through his building sneezing fit.

"I d-...I...I do not...HYAAA-CHHOOO!!" He sneezed harshly, wavering and finding himself in the arms of his brother. "Wh-What is w-...HE-CHOO!!...w-wrong with th-this pla--AAAH-CHOOF!!...this planet?" He asked, shivering and frightened, only feeling the warmth from his twin's embrace.

"Th-...The q-q-...NYAA-CHOOUF!!...q-question i-i-is...wh-wh--HHEEEE-CHOOO!!...what is wr-wrong...w-with us...?" He tried to respond over his own sneezing fit and the whipping wind and snow. He huttled closer to his brother, trembling almost in perfect time with his body. "C-Can...Can you...HEE-CHOOF!!...Can you t-telep-p-port us o-out of here?"

The other twin tried with all he could, but each time they would turn green, one or the other would go into a fit. They both looked miserable, green rimming around their eyes and all about their noses, where the rest of their skin was a pale matching the snow.

"HEEEE-CHOOOO~!!! Ih...IIHHHEEE-CHOO!!" The twin trying to teleport went through the start of his fifth fit since trying to get the two of them out of there. He panted breathlessly, unable to even sneeze anymore. He became lightheaded and rested his head on his twin's shoulder, his cheek cold as ice.

"B-Brother? D-Do not d-d-- NYAA-CHOO!!...d-die on me..." he said with building concern, embracing his slowly fading brother tight in his arms to try and keep him warm. "I-I...I wi-- HEK-CHOO!!...I will s-s-save us...I-I...HEEE-CHOOOUF!!...I will...s-save...y-you..."

With that, he ignored every bit of snow, sleet and freezing cold air hitting the two of them. He held back every building fit in his sinuses, even with it being as difficult as it was for him, since he was not used to it. Taking both of his brother's hands firmly, he focused hard on teleporting themselves out of their. And, with great determination, he commanded a teleportation aura to surround them and, within seconds, they were nowhere to be found.

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Yay quick update! :wub: I like the idea of them experiencing different things. Poor little dudes freezing in the snow. :wub:

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[[[Heeeyy~!! Guess what I'm thinking of doing for this story...FANART!! It's freezing here even though it's 60 degrees. Dad thinks that needs A/C. Cold air = artistic inspiration. :D *shivers and gets quilt, cocoa and art tablet* Also, please don't mind the tiny bit of fluff in this. I love pairing up the Twins...they're so HikaruXKaoru in my mind. ^^]]]


After finally managing to teleport somewhere that was in the midst of a warm country night, a temperature and atmosphere they were used to, the Twins collapsed onto the soil beneath them. Their breathing was irregular, their skin was ghostly pale with a bright green irritation in their eyes and the whole of both their noses. Even in the warmth, they remained huttled together, shivering against each other's bodies. The higher voiced twin still felt the effects of the pollen, where the other trembled, teeth chattering and nose running.

"W-...We must...m-manage...t-to survive...the year..." one twin spoke, hugging his sibling around his shoulders.

"I-I...Indeed, Brother...but...th-this world..." the other one said, sniveling and rubbing beneath his nose, feeling another fit start up. "Wh-What if...this feeling does not g-g-...ihh...g-go away?"

"We h-ha...haaaa--...have n-no choice b-but to conta--...Hee...HEEE-KCHOU!!" he sneezed suddenly over his twin's head, panting a bit afterwards from how weak both his and his brother's lungs have become from their first sneezing fits in their lives. "...c-c...contact Ozal..."

"B-Brother..." the other twin spoke in his higher pitched voice, shaking as he looked up to him. He reached up to his twin's large forehead, placing his trembling hand onto it beneath his yellow hair. "...y-your int-internal temperature...i-it's at a terribly h-h...HEE-CHOUUF!!...h-high l-level..."

His twin responded by looking down to him and doing the same. "S-...So is yours...we...we must find shelter...i-if this...is how we get used-...used--- HEEE-CHOO!!!...t-to a p-planet...th-then so be it..."

Mustering as much strength as he could, the deeper twin shifted to try and sit up, his arms shaking and vision swimming as he searched around for something close by. The only thing he could find was an abandoned tool shed a few hundred yards away. He groaned at how far away it was, but looked down to his twin, his face getting paler and his expression scrunching, hinting another building fit in his sinuses. He knew neither of them would be able to teleport, even to the shed, in their conditions. He looked to the shed with a determined furrow of his unibrow. Shaking, he grabbed his brother by one arm, but not without him taking notice.

"B-...HEK-CHOO!!" he sneezed loudly, his body swaying as his brother pulled him up by his arm. He felt it getting wrapped around his brother's shoulders, then his back being held by a shivering arm. His head hung weakly, but his blurred, teary vision saw the ground beneath him move and his legs dragging in the dirt. He struggled to look up and saw his brother looking forward, sweat beading on his forehead, sniveling now and then and pausing only to sneeze about 5 or 6 times with each pause. His eyes softened and he looked away, trying to get to his feet as well.

"W-We are almost th-there, br- HEK-CHOUUF!!" the twin carrying his ailing brother said, trying to reassure him as not to put him through strain of his own.

He felt guilty for being so weak, and worse, for making his equally weak brother carry him to the shed. He thought for a moment, waiting for him to take another pause to get into a fit again. When he felt like it was taking too long, he grabbed a pinch of his brother's hair, forming a bit of a brush with it. With a tiny smirk, he brought it beneath his brother's nose, very lightly tickling the tip of it, paying attention to the rims of his nostrils as well.

"Wh-What are you---ihhh..." the tickling took immediate effect as his nose scrunched up and he paused, allowing his brother to get to his feet. "Hee...Ihhyaaa..." he hitched several times, sniffing, his nostrils twitching. His brother stopped tickling him and wrapped his arm around his shoulders, letting him take a turn carrying him for the shed. The sneeze, however, remained stuck after he stopped tickling his nose with his hair. He remained in his pre-sneeze state, going back and forth from sniveling to hitching and back, looking to his brother with annoyance.

"I did n-not want you to have to carry m-me the whole w-- NYAAAH-CHOOOUF!!" he sneezed suddenly in his hand, leaving his brother teased that much more for relief.

"I-...hee...I-I was fi--fi--...ihhh..." he tried to say and sneeze at the same time, neither successful for him. He rubbed his nose with fervor, the area all the way to his cheeks a light to dark green.

His brother tried ignoring him, as well as his own illness, as he lead them both to the open door of the shed. Once they finally reached it, they sat on a bench that was in the center of the shed. It had been abandoned for quite some time, as the bench, shelves, walls, doors and windows were covered over with dust and cobwebs. He carefully placed his brother on the bench, unknowingly stirring up a cloud of dust to start forming as he sat next to him.

"We should be b-better off in h-here..." he said, still holding his brother tight. "We must a-avoid all of that wh-which was causing us t-to..." As he spoke, he took in the floating dust that lingered about his face, as well as his brother's. That horrid new feeling was back again, and stronger now. He hitched several times, one hand gripping at his brother's shoulder and the other at his nose. His brother too took in the scent of the dust, his nostrils still twitching from before.

They both felt it growing from the very backs of their sinuses, their sniveling increasing the amount of dust inside of them. In their twin unison, their breathing hitched, shoulders rising and falling in growing speed. Their eyes fluttered closed almost with a grace about them, but soon tightened as their noses wrinkled, the two of them finally reaching their peak.



"HEEE-CHOOO!!! Hee-HEK-CHOOUF!! Nyeee-HE-CHOO!!! Ihhh-...IIIHH-HEEEW!!! HEK-CHOO!!!" They began their fit in unison, their bodies heaving in time with each other as the feeling grew. With each sneeze, more dust built around them, as they were forced to take more in with each sniff of hopeful relief.

"B-B--HE-CHOO!! Br...Broth---HEEEK-CHOOU!!...Is...Is th-...there...IHH-CHOO!! A-Anywhere...s-safe? HE-CHOO!!" The higher pitched twin asked, hugging his brother tightly and worriedly.

"IIIIIHH--....IHHH-CHOOUF!! I...I do n-not....Nyeeh....HEEEH-CHOO!!...I...do not know..." he responded, sneezing hard with his twin, speckles of tiny tears streaming from his eyes.


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Heeeeeeee...I'm probably loving this WAY more than I should. :unsure: I adore the endless hitching breaths of stuck sneezes, and I especially love that these two can't catch a break to save their lives! "What is wrong with this planet?!" Ahahaha, ohhh those poor lil' dears. What a sweet story this is. :D

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YAY!!! SUPERJAIL TWINS FIC!!!! :D:unsure::laugh: OMG fanart? Really!?!?!? You and this story and Superjail and the sneezy twins are flipping amaZZinGG!!!

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:unsure: This just keeps getting better and better. Poor little weak things! You've seriously made me fall fervently in love with them over the course of two days. I almost died when the one twin started tickling his brother's nose with his hair! :D
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Ahaha, I knew there would be sneezing in unison!

I almost died when the one twin started tickling his brother's nose with his hair!


...your fics are one of my greatest guilty pleasures, ya know? ^^;

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[[[To everyone leaving such kind and motivational comments, THANK YOU ALL!!!! :D:):clapping::D :D You're the reason I keep up on chapters as fast as I can. This community rocks and everyone here is a gem! n.n Here's the next chapter for you guys, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be about two or three after this. Also, I've begun working on some fanart, primarilly the scene in the past chapter you guys seemed to like the most. ^-^]]]


The night passed as the Twins continued with their suffering. They found that the tiny, greyish particles inside of the shed were worse to deal with than sitting outside in the moonlight with the grass and pollen. It seemed to calm their fits, but only slightly, as they debated on which stay would be more comfortable. And due to their fevers from their teleportation to the blizzard, they were unable to teleport anywhere that they thought would be better for them, which at the time would probably be a desert or perhaps a volcano.

The twin with the deeper voice looked to his brother with concern. He saw how worse off he was compared to him. His nose was practically glowing green from his neon blood, and each time he would rub or scratch at it, a bit of his green blood trickled from dry, irritated cracks. His breathing was in hitches that were nonstop. His pollen sneezes were still stuck, as if they had a mind of their own and was purpously torturing him. He would come close to sneezing, to finally getting some relief, when the feeling would just return to a nagging itch, making him rub at his nose more. His eyes were tired, drained, pitiful. The sight of him made his brother's heart ache. His own state was worn out, but mostly just from the dust and snow. He was a bit stronger, but still lacked his powers. He did, however, come up with an idea to try and help with his brother.

"Brother...how a-are y-- HEK-CHOO!!" he sneezed loudly, finding it an ease for him and ignoring it now, merely finding it a symptom of his higher temperature. "H-How are you feeling?"

"Nnnnghhh..." the higher voiced twin turned his head weakly, his eyes teary and bright green. He sniveled against the back of his hand, trying once again to coax the sneeze out. "I-I...c-cannot...ihhh...heee-k-...ungh..." he groaned, annoyed at his 7th false start in 10 minutes.

His brother sighed and pulled himself up against the wall of the shed, wavering back and forth as he walked. He went inside of the shed, his brother watching him curiously.

"Wh-What are y-...hee...- you d-doing, Brother?" he asked, trying to watch him inside the dark shadows of the shed.

"Do not wo-- HEE-CHOOUF!!...worry. I th-think I know how t-to help you..." He said, shakily gathering up a handful of dust off of an empty shelf, trying his best not to inhale any. Once he felt like he had enough, he staggered back outside and went to his knees, plucking a few choice blades of grass from the earth. They were long, narrow and sharp tipped, almost feather like. He then went back to his brother, who was eyeing him suspiciously. "I n-need y-- IHH-CHOO!...I need you to remain still..." he said, straddling his lap.

"B-B-Brother?!" He stammered, not knowing what he was planning. He looked to see one hand was shut with dust speckled around the fingers. He saw the other hand had a few long blades of grass. He swallowed nervously, trying to pull away, when his brother held him down with his closed fist. "Wh-What are y-y-- heee--..."

"J-Just an experiment, that's all...to try and help you of course..." he said, a tiny smirk on his face with an odd look of both concern and amusement on his face. "N-Now just-- HE-CHOUF!!...stay s-still, c-close your eyes and t-take a deep breath in..."

As his brother hesitantly complied, he brought the handful of dust between the two of their faces, opening his palm slowly and carefully. When he heard him inhale through his nose, he gave the dust a light puff of air. He saw his brother react quickly, his breath hitching and unibrow twitching. He kept the dust beneath his quivering nostrils until he took it all in, the feeling making him start to pant.

"B-B-Br-Bro...Brother...i-ihhh...hee--...it is n-n-not wo-wo-- heee~..." He hitched out, his nose running and turning greener. But as much as he tried to focus it out, the sneeze remained stuck with determination.

Expecting this, his brother took one of the blades of grass and ran the tip of it up and down the bridge of his nose very lightly, using his other forearm to press against his chest and arms to prevent him from swatting it away. He quickly shifted his head back and forth to try and get away from it, but soon grew dizzy of it and stopped, his nose wrinkling. He released his brother and grabbed another blade of grass, now working both of the tips swiftly into each nostril.

Tears streamed from his brother's green eyes as the strong tickle built up in his nose, his breath hitching and his unibrow rising to his blonde hairline. His brother kept at the tickling swiftly, stroking back and forth with one blade while twirling and poking to tease with the other. And every few seconds, he would go deeper into his sinuses.

"Wh-Wha-- IIIHHH---...B-B-Br---HEEE-IIIHH...B- HAAA--" He tried to speak, but could barely take in a breath without feeling the grass stroke and tickle his nasal passages. He felt the sneeze growing with the grass, the scent of dust and the itch of the pollen. His high pitched voice whined out hitches, as his brother remained determined, trying to help him.

"J-Just breathe in, Brother..." He said, releasing the blades of grass, leaving them inside his brother's nose. He took the final blade of grass he had and very lightly tickled his brother's nose with it, working it in a slight left to right motion from the bottom of his unibrow, down the bridge of his quivering nose and to the round tip, daintilly tickling the brims of his nostrils.

"HEEE-- B-Broth---HHEEEEYAAA--- I-I-It...It--- IIIHHHEEE--" he squirmed as the sneeze built, but remained stubborn, making him have to go through that much more tickling. Then, with one quick sniff, the blades of grass in his nose vibrated against the tops of his sinus walls, pushing him over the edge. "HEEE--- IIIIHHYAAA--- HEEEEEEEE-CHOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!! IIIIHHHH-HHHYUUUUU!!!!" He sneezed violently, his brother jumping back from straddling him. He turned to hold himself up with his trembling hands and knees, going into a seemingly endless fit. "HEEEEK-CHOOOOUF!!! IIIIIHH-CHUUU!!! KYEEEEHHH-CHOOOO!!! HAAAAHHH-CHOOO!! IIIIIIIIIH-KCHOOOO!!!"

As he continued with his fit, his brother watched him with relief, but also worry. He crawled over to him as he sneezed and lightly placed a hand on his back. He saw the earth beneath his brother's sneezing gusts form a hole from how powerful they were. His high pitched voice began to lose its tone and grow raspy from the abuse his throat was going through. And after a solid 3 minutes, his fit slowed to a heavy panting.

"...Are you feeling better, Brother?" He asked him, wondering if his experiment had helped him or not.

"...Hee...IIIIHH--..." Before his brother could get out one more sneeze, he grabbed his brother's uniform by the side of his blue skirt and pulled it quickly to his mouth and nose. "HEEE-KCHOOOUFFF!!!" He sneezed loudly, followed by a harsh blowing and rubbing with the same skirt. He pulled away and sniffed, rubbing under his nose with the back of his hand. "Thank you, Brother..." he said, his eyes narrow, but with a small smile on his face.

"...With...pleasure..." He replied in disgust.


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It's epic how the Twins are all "trololol" even when they're suffering. x'D Mischievous buggers.

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! :boom:

Those false starts were amazing! So much torture. :drool: I agree, it's cute how mischievous they are despite how weak they are. I love that their ideal habitat would be a volcano... I wonder where they could find one of those? :P

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Here's another boom for you: :P

The stuck sneezes made me go buuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh :drool: (in fact the whole thing made me go buuuhhh)

I'm loving the crap outta this in a big way. I totally wanna draw some twins now.

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*cleans up the bits of the exploded members*

xD Thank you all once again! I wanted to keep their personalities intact, no matter what was going on with them. Their sort of apathy sticks around even when they're trying to be helpful.

I do have a bit of art almost done right now, but it's just of one twin, and I reeeeeally don't like how it's coming out...maybe when I get it on PSe, I can work on it better...>.< I'm my worst critique, I think all my work is terrible...

Next chapter should be up later today, so look out for it, guys! :drool:

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Staying outside of the shed, the Twins kept within each other's arms, going in and out of fits, their faces almost completely green at this point. Every so often, the higher pitched twin would feel a naggingly stuck sneeze, being forced to go with his brother's technique of helping him. And with each time, it would get harder and harder to relieve his nose. He felt much worse in comparison with his twin, his body trembling and his voice harsh.

"...B-Brother...i-if...ihh-- if I do not m-make it th-through the year...d-do no-- hee...d-do not fail the m-mission..." he said, weakly, resting his hot forehead on his brother's shoulder.

"Do not say such things..." he responded, holding him tighter. "We are both g- HE-CHOOUF!!...going to make it..." he tried reassuring him, worrying greatly for his twin, trying to think of how else he could help.

Suddenly, something caught his eye. Up to the left of them in the far horizon, coming close, was a round aircraft that looked similar to a giant eyeball. His twin looked up to it as well, stirring out of his brother's arms.

"That is not one of o- hee--...our vehicles..." He said, trying to stand up, his head spinning almost immediately, causing him to fall back against his twin.

"It is coming our way, Brother!" He said, panicking and scrambling to his feet, helping him up and supporting him. "We must hide be-bef--HEK-CHOO!! Before it finds us!!"

He quickly sway-walked back into the dusty shed, going off into the darkest corner behind a couple of shelves. He sat down his brother and went down next to him, looking around the shelf nervously to the landing aircraft. He saw the pupil of the eye open up and a long walkway dropping down from it. He saw the shadows of two figures, one much taller than the other, wearing a tophat, suit and holding a cane in his left hand. The other one was short with a large head and long mustache who stayed close to the taller man.

"N-Now, why are we here again, sir?" The shorter man stammered in a shrill, worried voice, trying to keep up in the taller man's stride.

"Because, Jared, with Jailbot going through his yearly updates, we have to round up the criminals he would usually take care of. You have communications with Alice for when we find our next one...uhh..." The tall man said with a suave voice as he pulled out a wanted poster from his pocket. "I see. Triple homicide, huh? Shouldn't be too hard to handle."

"Wh-What?! T-T-Triple homicide?!" The shorter man, Jared, trembled and backed away a bit. "D-Don't tell me he's in there..."

"I don't know, but it would be pretty conveniant if he was." The taller man grinned. "Just think, the very first place we looked tonight has our criminal! How easy would that be?" He said happily, beginning to make his way in, Jared hesitantly following.

The twin who had been watching the two jumped back behind the shelf, edging over to his brother.

"Keep quiet...they are coming i-in..." he whispered, crawling around his brother to make it to the very corner of the shed. As he did, he inadvertantly stirred up a dust cloud to linger about his brother's face. As he tried to follow, he snivelled to relieve his running nose, accidentilly taking in the dust, his eyes widening as he stopped cold.

"B-Broth--...hee..." He hitched, his stuck, nagging fit starting up again. His brother turned and took notice, quickly grasping his brother's nose tight, his motions stirring up more of the layers of dust beneath them.

"Hold it in, Brother...we cannot be fo-...fo--" As he spoke, he took in deep breaths of the dust as well, his nose twitching. "Ohh...heee--..."

Quickly, his brother gripped at his nose, the two of them keeping firm grips and breathing slowly through their mouths, listening to the two others inside the hut. They saw a sudden beam of light begin to search around the shed, their bodies edging back further and lower to the ground.

"Dey are looging bor uz..." The deeper twin whispered through his pinched voice, keeping an eye on the scanning light. They continued watching nervously, while taking in deep breaths through their mouths, dust going into their lungs at a steady pace. The higher pitched twin gritted his teeth and took his other hand, coughing hard into it, wheezing and trying to keep as quiet as possible. With his coughing, his head lunged forward and he fell on his chin onto the ground, his brother losing his grip around his nose as he did on his as well. "Brother!"

"Wh-Wh-What was that?!" The panicking Jared stuttered as he shined his flashlight to the back of the shed, next to where the Twins were hiding. The taller man looked over suspiciously, walking over slowly.

"They are coming!" The raspy high pitched brother whispered, trying to sit back up, pressing his back against the shelf. His brother did the same, but from his twin's fall, the dust cloud practically blinded their vision and was filling their sinuses fast.

They each held their green noses tightly, but the damage was well past done. It started up as a nagging tickle at the back of their sinuses, teasingly building and spreading in their twin unison once again. Their eyes fluttered closed, the very feel of their blinking worsening the tickle. Their unibrows rose and their breathing went from hitching to panting.

"Ihhh...ihhheee..." the higher pitched twin already began to lose it with the fit that has been stuck up to this point. The dust particles stroked, tickled and tumbled about his sinuses, and with no means of escape from him pinching his nose tight, they continued to do their work on his allergies. He practically giggled from the ticklish feeling of it, if it weren't so dangerous to do so.

"B-Bro-- Heee-..." His twin started to try and talk him through it. "D-Do not...hee...d-...heeyaaa-..." He felt his own fit building in his nose, his nostrils quivering in his grip. His fever and dust caused his nose to run, his eyes shutting tight and his other hand forming a fist to try and focus the feeling away. He even tensed his legs and pushed them together to do anything but sneeze. He felt his brother's free hand holding his fist tightly, his body trembling.

"Heee...I-I...id is...d-doo hard...I-I...iiiiiihhheeee---" He said, starting to lose it, his shoulders and chest heaving, the whole of his face a bright green. Tears trickled down the corners of his eyes as his unibrow furrowed to a pre-sneeze expression. His brother grasped his hand back, their bodies now like a mirror image of one.

"Gwe...are d-d-dobe bor--...Gyyyaaahh---- hee-- HYAAA---"

"Hello? Who might you two be?" The tall silhouette of the man said with the beam of light shining around him and into the Twins' faces. The sudden light into their eyes was their final trigger. The feeling overtook them and they couldn't stop the tickling sneezes anymore.

"HAAAAA-CHOOOOUF!!! IIIIH-HHHYUUU~!!! IHHHH-KCHOO!!!" They started another unison fit, stirring more dust once again and leaving them in snivelling, sneezing messes, each inhale tormenting their sinuses with more and more of the tickling dust. "HEEEEK-CHOOO!!! IIIHAAA-CHOOOUUF!!! Heee-HEEK-CHOO~!!! IHH-CHOO~~!!!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!!" The tall man bounded back a bit, watching the sneezing twins in a mild shock. "Are you two ok?"

"W-We-- HEEE-CHOOO~!!" The deeper twin tried responding, his eyes watery, tightly narrowed and green with irritation. "W-We c-come in pe--HYEEE-KCHOO!!" He sniffed hard against the back of his hand, panting hard.

"You poor things! All this dust must be killer on you!" He said, snapping behind him. "Jared, give me your handkerchief." He said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his own, polka dotted kerchief. He grabbed at Jared's and handed them to the Twins. "Here. Hold them to your noses, and we can get you two out of here."

"B-But, sir! Is that really a good idea?" Jared asked, looking nervoisly to the twins.

"We have to help them, Jared, they're suffering here! Let's at least take them to our medical ward at Superjail, then we'll take it from there." He said whle kneeling down to the deeper toned Twin, who had been blowing his nose loudly into the kerchief offered to him. As he helped him up, he looked down to the other twin who was still mid-fit. Swiftly, he held the one twin by wrapping his arm around his shoulders, then carefully helped up the other twin and did the same. The twins held onto each other by grabbing each other's forearm around the tall man's shoulders, while still sneezing hard into their kercheifs. They were too worn down to do anything else, and, for the first time, were even thankful for the aid of a complete stranger.

"S-Si---HEEE-CHOO!!...Sir..." the high pitched twin said, looking up with green, teary eyes and speaking through the cloth. "Wh-...What do we-HEE-KYUU!!...c-call you?"

"Me?" He said with a smile, revealing the gap in his teeth. "Just call me, 'The Warden'..."

[TBC, Possible last chapter coming up!]

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I could tell that the higher-pitched twin was your favorite even before you said anything, he seems to be the one you torture more and I know that when I really like a character they get the brunt of the torture. B) I almost died of sadness when he suggested he might not make it.

Of course the only thing that could make this story even better would be a sneezing-while-hiding scenario! I love how they built up and sneezed in unison. :laugh: AND THE WARDEN. :heart: He was so noble at the end. Oh, and yay spotted handkerchief. :D

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I would say "thumbs up if you agree" but this forum doesn't have a "like" system. I've been on Youtube too much. B)

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I could tell that the higher-pitched twin was your favorite even before you said anything, he seems to be the one you torture more and I know that when I really like a character they get the brunt of the torture. B) I almost died of sadness when he suggested he might not make it.

Of course the only thing that could make this story even better would be a sneezing-while-hiding scenario! I love how they built up and sneezed in unison. :laugh: AND THE WARDEN. :heart: He was so noble at the end. Oh, and yay spotted handkerchief. :laugh:


I would say "thumbs up if you agree" but this forum doesn't have a "like" system. I've been on Youtube too much. :D

I love you guys so much. :DDDD

Yes, I NEEDED to do a SWH chapter with the twins. That's my favorite form of writing, and that's the main reason why I introduced the dusty shack as the final place where they could teleport to. And yep, I did a little dedication to your art with the kerchief. ^^

The higher pitched twin to me seems like he's the younger say by like 5 minutes if they were actually born like humans. Although I think they were created by their race's blood, like how they made Combaticus. But...I dunno why I like him so much more...I just think he's cuter for some reason... :heart:

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[[[sorry for how late this chapter came, guys! I've been working on too many drawings lately to focus on this, as well as actually trying how to continue it. And I finally figured it out. More torment for my fave twin~ :lol: I'm so evil... :P Heheheheee...Not many sneezes in this one, but the next part will make up for it greatly. ^^]]]


"Sir, I really don't know about this...I mean, we don't even know who those two are!"

"Won't you relax, Jared? What were we supposed to do, just let them suffer like they were?"

"But they don't even look like normal people, sir..."

"What, have you never seen twins before?"

The Warden and Jared spoke back and forth to each other, while looking in through the one way mirror of the medical ward of Superjail. Inside, both of the twins were huttled together in one of the beds, shivering and faces still an irritated green. Their embrace was warming for the both of them, but at the same time, it was impairing the medical care they were going to receive.

"Hmm...if they're gonna just stay wrapped up together like that, they'll never get any better..." The Warden said to what he felt like was himself, ignoring Jared once again. "Whatever it is that's going through them is just going to keep looping and looping around in their systems from how close they are..." As he spoke, his noodle-like arms formed the infinity symbol over his head.

"But, sir, whatever we tried doing to separate them didn't work...and when they DID get split up by just a few feet by our force, they cried out louder than anything I've heard before! My ears are STILL throbbing..." Jared said, showing his right, swollen and blood dripping ear. The Warden didn't even care to look down.

"Separating them is not the issue, Jared...it's getting inside them...that's why I'm waiting for Jailbot to finally show up...his renovations should've been done by now..." He said, crossing his arms impatiently and looking to the Twins.

"Jailbot? What can he do to help them?"

"You'll see, Jared..." The Warden's gap seemed wider as his grin grew.

Inside the ward, the twins kept together in their bed, one of them looking around nervously, coming to.

"B-Brother...wh-where are we?" He asked nervously in his higher, raspy voice.

"I d-...do not know..." he responded, snivelling a bit, his illness being all that was effecting him. "But...it is not like anywhere else...it fe- HE-KCHOO!!...it feels quite calm..."

"B-But this world is sti-...sti---hiiii-HEEK-CHOOUF!!" He suddenly sneezed into the kerchief he was given, which was well past drenched at this point. He still felt his dust and pollen allergy itch in his green, pained nose. His brother looked to him with pity and held him once again, carefully around his shoulders to allow him to breathe.

"D-Do not worry...we will survive somehow..."

Once he said that, the door to the right of both of them opened automatically, the tall, purple suited man grinning as his greeting.

"Hello again, boys!" The Warden said with a tip of his very tall top hat. "How are you two holding up?"

"S-Sir...we- HEEE-CHOO!!" The higher twin sneezed hard enough to force the Warden to dodge it, poor Jared taking it on full force.

"UUGH~!!" He whined, wiping at his brown suit and tall forehead.

"Hmm...we are pumping in pure oxygen to try and clear out your sinuses." He said, approaching them without care and leaning close to their faces. "Green blushes and irritation...you're not of this planet, are you?"

"N-No, Sir..." the deeper twin stuttered, looking up to him. "W-We have come from a f-f-- HEK-CHOOF!!...a far region of space a-and are here for a y-year of inspe-...inspe---HE-CHOO!!" He couldn't continue speaking, as his face became buried into his own kerchief with a light fit, the corners of his eyes speckled with tears.

"I see..." The Warden said, straightening up and holding his walking stick over his shoulder, the handle of it aimed towards the twins. "I'm not surprised that you two are...well...'aliens'..." he edged the handle of his stick closer to the twins' faces, as the deeper twin looked up from his fit. "What I'm surprised about...is the fact that alien twins like you two react differently..."

He grinned lightly and nudged the tip of the deeper twin's nose with the handle of his walking stick, pushing at it gently to tease at his sinuses. All the twin did was give a confused look and a small sniffle. The Warden nodded and pulled the walking stick away, twirling it in the air with a smile before making contact with the higher pitched twin's nose. Almost as soon as The Warden pushed against it, the twin's voice hitched and his nostrils quivered, forcing The Warden to pull away and allow him to sneeze into his kerchief.

"Just as I suspected..." he grinned, turning to the door and cupping his hand around his mouth. "JAILBOOOOOOT~!!!"

A moment later, a large, floating, duo-square robot burst through the door, not even waiting for it to open. The top square had a black screen with what seemed to be a green smile on it. He hovered over to The Warden and the twins, beeping and whirling very lightly.

"There's my Jailbot..." The Warden said with a big smile and a voice as if he were talking to a puppy or baby. "Jailbot, we have some poor twins that need to be taken care of here..."

When he said that, Jailbot looked to the twins, who where huttled close together, looking nervously to the hovering machine. His smile changed into a green frown and, from the two hatches on its body, one on each side, a series of knives, saws, hammers and electrodes came out on white tubes.

"EYAAAH~!!" The twins yelped in unison. The Warden quickly went to Jailbot and placed a hand on its 'chest'.

"No no no, Jailbot...not that kind of 'taken care of'...save that for criminals..." he said in a calm voice, making Jailbot put the weapons away and have four arms emurge instead, two from each side. "That's better...now, all they need is a virus scanning and a quick clear of their sinuses." He grinned to the scared twins. "And don't worry. Jailbot has such a gentle touch...he'll take very good care of you two...I'll see you when he's done~" The Warden said, appearing to be running out of the room, leaving the twins alone with the robot.

He floated just above the twins as they stared nervously at its screen. The screen changed from an inspecting, green face to a screen of what looked like them in pixel form, being separated by Jailbot and given something to the centers of their faces also from the pixel Jailbot. After that, the screen flashed them a pixelated picture of the two of them looking as good as new. The twins looked to it for a moment, trembling.

"W-We do n-not wa-...wa---HE-CHOO!!" The high pitched twin tried to say, but his sneeze made him suddenly lose concentration and the grip around his brother. Jailbot immediately used the two 'hands' on his left side to grab both of the twins' hands and pull him away. As the other twin tried to fight and get him back, the arms on Jailbot's right side grabbed for his hands as well, holding them separated only by a little bit, their throats too sore to shout out.

"Wh-What are you d-d-doing to us?!" The deeper twin asked, dangling and trying to fight away. Jailbot's grin became red with two lines for eyebrows, hinting how the robot would soon be having fun with these two.

Edited by ThirdTwin
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[[[i had to do this chapter in two parts mostly because I didn't want to make a single post too long and have people go nuts on reading it. I like giving people's eyes a break, even though mine suffer at the mercy of the glaring white screen...(O).(O) PLEASE don't mind if this is a lame chapter...I'm sorry if the build ups and actual causes are repetitive to previous chapters...I'll try to make it up in the next one.]]]


"B-Brother?! Th-This machine..." The higher pitched twin stammered nervously as Jailbot held onto both of them, holding them at each side. They tried kicking the robot several times, but each of their attempts made their bodies weaker, as they hardly even left a mark.

Jailbot held both of them by their wrists, keeping them hanging in the ward. His face was green with a tiny smile, that was one line with a square at the top corner. The twins, at the very least, tried to hold each other with their loose legs, but couldn't reach.

They continued to struggle, when they felt themselves being lifted to the monitor of Jailbot, a blue scanner shining from its eyes, up and down the faces of the twins. It was scanning for the twins' temperatures, however, Jailbot didn't know the fact the twins were aliens and wound up reading out ERROR on the screen in big, red letters.

"Wh-What is happening?" The deeper twin asked in a panic, trying to push himself out of Jailbot's grip by pushing himself against his chest with his legs.

Suddenly, two more arms, each one much thicker, wrapped around the twins' legs like snakes, keeping them both still. And finally, thin arms closed about the tops of their heads, leaving them stuck under the mercy of the machine.

Once they were fully contained, Jailbot's screen returned into being the normal green face, looking to the twins puzzled.

"I-I do not think the robot l-l-likes us..." The higher twin said, trembling in Jailbot's constant grip.

After he said that, two very thin, very small tubes came out from Jailbot's sides and shot for their faces, stopping dead beneath their nostrils. The pipes split in two at the tips. And soon, a breeze of air puffed through the tubes. The twins were forced to take in the air, unable to turn away from it.

The breeze stopped. Jailbot unwrapped the twins from his grip. They held each other once again. They didn't know what had just happened until they looked back up to Jailbot's screen. The evil, red smile was back, followed by a sudden, pixel countdown.







When the ellipses showed up on Jailbot's screen, the twins felt an intense tickling and practical break down of their sinuses. They felt a fluffiness stroking about their nasal passages. They felt poking different spots that made their sinuses itch. And suddenly, a ploom of a sweet scented powder filled their noses. The feeling made the twins waver back onto the bed, their unibrows raised with another unison fit building tenfold.

"IIIIIHHHH-HhhHHHHhhhhhhHHEeeeeeee--...HHHHHeeeeEEEEE....gggya...iiihh...IIIIHHHH..." They both went back and forth about their build-ups, but neither could find relief.

"B-Broooohhheeee...th-theee-heee-eee..." The deep twin hitched out, his eyes just barely open to his brother. "D-D-D-Doooooohhhheeeeee---- d-do yooou f-f-f--hhhhhHHHHEEEE--..."

"I-I-I--IIIIIHHHHH.....I-I c-caaaaaAAAAAAHHH----....c-c.......HEEEEEEE---" The higher pitched twin tried responding, the sensation feeling worse and worse with each breath he took in. It was as if his breathing was stimulating tiny feathers to stroke against his sinuses. The same could easily be said by his twin.

They tried blowing their noses hard into their kerchiefs, rubbing, pinching, shaking their heads, anything they could think of. Nothing seemed to ease the tickle, at worse, it seemed to increase it that much more. A feeling so much so they couldn't even sneeze it out. They held each other's hands tightly with their free hands, still holding their handkerchiefs to their faces.

"W-W-W-WeeeeeeHEEEEEEE--...we-we w-w-were fo-HOOOOoooled, B-Bro---IIIIHHHHH----....th-theeeeeEEEEEEEHHHH---...theeeey a-aaahh--...are k-k-k-kiiiiIIIIIIHHHH....k-killing u-u-us..." The deeper twin said, worried through his strong hitches.

"Th-Th-Thi---IIIIIHHHHH---Thiiiiis is iiiii---iIIIIIIIIHHHHHhhhhiiit~..." The higher twin responded, suddenly hugging around his brother nervously, thinking they were both about to die at that one moment.

But once they got closer to each other, the feeling grew even more, with the added feeling like the insides of their sinuses were being pinched, teased, jabbed and tickled all at once. Tears speckled their eyes as their breathing became panting once again. Their noses were scrunched, nostrils quivering and the whole of their faces a bright green. They both fell back onto the bed, squirming about themselves, holding their noses tightly to try and ease whatever it was that was irritating them.

But it seemed that with the lack of incoming oxygen, the feeling seemed angered. Even the ellipses on Jailbot's screen turned red as the feeling went to its worst. The twins balled up on the bed, their breathing uneven and the tickling feeling going nonstop. Swiftly, two arms from Jailbot reached for the hands of the twins that was stopping it and pulled them away, the fresh air filling their nostrils, along with the familiar scent that started it all. With that, two more, thin arms shot for the twins' noses, a tiny feather at the tip of each one, lightly tickling the round tips of them. They couldn't stand it anymore.

"HEEEEEEEEE-CHOOOOOOOOOUFFFF!!!! Iiiiiihhh-HEEEEE-KCHOOOOO!!! HEK-CHOUUUUU!!! IIIIIhhhhh---HYAAAAAAA-KCHOOO!!!!" They started up on their fits, a tiny smile popping up on Jailbot's screen. Each arm retracted into his body as he hovered out of the hole he made. Outside, the Warden and Jared were watching the Twins go through their fit.

"So...it seems like the Medical Nanobots work just as planned...and what better test subjects to have than those two?!" The Warden smiled, watching the twins' fits with an odd sort of pride.

"S-Sir, are they gonna be ok?" Jared asked, nervously noticing how violently they were sneezing.

"Absolutely! Once the Nanobots clear out their sinuses fully, they'll take in a sleeping gas that'll revive them one-hundred percent!" He said, then thought. "...but...what if they don't sleep...Ah, well. They'll feel revived either way." He said without the slightest care, then went over to Jailbot. "And you performed perfectly, Jailbot...I couldn't be more proud~!" He hugged the robot's white body, its screen showing a big, pink heart and beeping a few times.

"Well, now what are we supposed to do?" Jared asked, looking back and forth between them all.

"Just wait for them to stop, that's all."

"No no, I mean after they do stop...what do we do with them?"

"Huh? Do with them? That never really crossed my mind..." The Warden looked to the sneezing twins, one of which, the deeper one, was already calming down slightly. The other one was still feeling the effects greatly and needed to use the bed sheets in exchange for his kerchief. "Well, let's leave it up to them..."

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Every time I tried to comment on this my mom would burst into the room unannounced (the joys of being back home :P ). But yay two new chapters! It's so cute how much the Warden loves Jailbot. :hug: I love how the twins were struggling to escape from Jailbot, so cute. Who knew Jailbot was an inducing machine? :laugh:

The Warden's intentions intrigue me. Looking forward to the next part.

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I love the bit where the Warden makes his noodle!arms into the infinity sign. NICE TOUCH, BRO. :V

Heh, sorry I'm so late commenting on these, I didn't know they were up here, orzzz

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