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Okay, so it's not my first sneeze drawing ever, but I'm not counting the ones I drew of Scooby Doo when I was like, five, and brought downstairs to show my mom while she was having her book club. :lol: No, this is the first drawing I did consciously knowing that I liked sneezes (but before finding out that it was a fetish specifically). I drew it in 2005 with a computer mouse (yes, I still had a Neopets account when I was fifteen :laugh: It felt like so much longer ago!).

I know there are a few people here who are into animal/creature sneezes so I figured I'd share. I also just wanted to post it because I thought it was hilarious. :nohappy: It's a Lupe and a Bori (I think their names were Cassie and Dominic) and the soup they're eating looks really nasty but whatever.


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I love it! And I can't help but wonder if you were thinking of me when you said "some people" lol :wub:.

But yeah, super cute and beautifly nose. The redness on his muzzle is adorable.

Oh and by the way, more pics have been added in kitched accident if you're interested.

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I actually was thinking of you. :wub: I know there are a few other people around who are interested in this too, I just don't recall who they are specifically.

Thanks for the comment and I'll definitely go check out the updated kitchen thread.

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You have a talent for drawing in this style! :D I think you did very good, especially for your first 'official' sneeze drawing :). I like how both of them look by the way!

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