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Roomate Got A Cold :)


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My new roomate got a cold, and this is the first time I've ever seen him get sick. OMG it was amazing. He's 23 and has wavy, unruly brown hair, brown eyes, cute. Anyhow...

We were sitting around in the living room, just me and him, and he was complaining about how he's feeling sick. He sounds all stuffed up and has watery eyes. All of a sudden he starts sneezing. Ha-ahh CHOOOOO! AH-HAAA CHOOO! It's GREAT! He does this like 3 times and pauses with a beautiful pre-sneeze look on his face. I bless him and am trying not to stare even though he's piqueing my interest BIG TIME. He doesn't answer because he's sitting there trying to see if he's going to sneeze or not. He does. HAA-AH...AH. AH AHH HAACHOOO! He has the most amazing build ups! He sneezes like 8 times in a row and I comment on his sneezing fits. He starts to answer but has to sneeze again. HA-AH-aaa HAACHOO! ah...ah..HA..HAHAAAHACHOOO! HAACHOOO! AHHAA-HA-AACHOOO! I can't even count how many times he sneezed but it was great. I tell him I've never seen anyone sneeze that many times in a row before. He gets the pre-sneeze look on his face - Ah...ah..Ah... and can't sneeze. He says, "it's always there, just ready to..ah..AH...HACHOOOO!! come out." HA-AHHHH..AHCHOOO! AHCHOOOO! AH..HA..HAAACHOOO aCHOOO! It's endless. He continued this for about 20 minutes. For the next few days he had these incredible sneezing fits that were wonderful to listen to. :)

It's really great to discover that your roomate has sneezing fits like these!

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