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I should go bowling more often...


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Tonight may have been one of the best nights of my entire life. Not only did I get to spend it with a boy I've been practically in love with for nearly two years, but I also saw him sneeze for the first time ever.

I'm still a little shy about all this :lol: , but I'm gonna try to be a little more descriptive.

So this guy, L, and I (plus a few of our friends) decided to go bowling tonight. He got his drivers liscence (I can't spell to save my life!) recently, so he's only allowed to have one person in the car with him. And guess who that lucky one was. :lol::laugh: We were talking about the different plays that we are in right now as he was driving to the bowling alley and he quickly stopped and sneezed. I guess it would have been kinda wet had he not stifled it. Since he's a new driver and all, I had warned him that he'd better not crash us and kill me. (Jokingly, of course). So we laughed a little about how his sneeze might have caused a wreck or something. :wub:

There were also a few sneezes from others bowling, but umm, I was a little distracted by L trying to teach me how to not bowl like an old grandmother :lol:

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Aw sounds like a fun night. :lol: Did he actually hit the brakes and stop on the road to sneeze? :laugh:

It sucks you had to wait two years to see him sneeze but sometimes the wait makes it even better.

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