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Crossover Crisis #1: You Know My Name


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Spoilers ahead for FFX and FF7 maybe!

So this is part one of an ongoing series I've had the idea for for a while. There's some backstory to it, but setting it up would involve no sneezing, so instead I'm just going to give it to you right here: After his like six death, Final Fantasy X antagonist Seymour discovered his ghostly remnant form had the ability to travel to other worlds and times. After meeting up with another mysterious entity, they worked together to form the Cabal of Chaos: an organization of some of the most powerful villains of all time, bent on aiding each other in the destruction of their most hated rivals. Each member was sent to another world to capture the nemesis of that world's appropriate villain, based on who they determined would be most effective at doing so. Then they would exchange their captured heroes so that each rival might deliver the long-awaited-for killing blow. The first part of this plan was successful across the board, but what many of the villains had not counted on was the usual "damsels in distress" of the worlds fighting back. Now the girlfriends, lady sidekicks, and general female acquaintances of the captured heroes must venture off to rescue their male counterparts from the clutches of these totally foreign villains! Which brings us to our current face-off:

morrigan-aensland.jpg vs Dissidia-Sephiroth-One-Wing.png

Some notes that may only make sense after reading the story:

- I suck at titles, so every story is just going to be named after whatever song was most instrumental in the inspiration for its creation. Also at the end, a link to said song! Because maybe people would be into that? And also because I just really want to be like Tycho Brahe in as many ways as possible.

- What's that? Morrigan isn't a damsel in distress type? Well Darkstalkers also doesn't have a primary protagonist. She's hot okay, that's all that matters.

- MvC3 fans will recognize some of her attacks (****ing Dodge This!), I don't know if actual Darkstalkers fans will because that game has like a billion iterations and I don't know if she has the same moves in all of them.

- Sephiroth isn't a real angel? Angels aren't real to begin with, and neither are succubus, so cram it. He's a mutant angel guy, that's close enough.

“Morrigan Aesenland. You’re the last one on my list.” A strange man burst into her palace’s inner sanctum, pushing open the huge stone doors with ease no ordinary mortal could manage.

“Hmm? I’m sorry, you have me at a disadvantage.” The succubus turned to look at the intruder from her sideways reclining position in her throne, not particularly threatened by his presence. “You know my name, but I don’t believe I’ve been given yours. I do enjoy having my guests’ names before we start the fun and games.”

“My name, as far as you are concerned, is Death.” He drew his seven-foot long sword and spread his single black feathered wing. “I am the destroyer of worlds, and yours is next in line.”

“Is that so?” Morrigan rose slowly, a smile growing across her face. “I did have rather different names in mind for you. Toy, Pet, Plaything…Death seems a tad too extravagant for one such as yourself. But if you insist,” She spread her own two bat-like wings. “I suppose I can play along. It wouldn’t be the first time I role-played to get into the mood.”

The man laughed and flipped a lock of his long white hair. “You treat this as if it were a joke. Well, no matter. You’ll join the others I’ve captured before long.”

Morrigan laughed out loud, which made him shift uncomfortably. That was not the response he had anticipated.

“Oh! Now I understand. You think I’m on the same level as those others you’ve rounded up on your way here. No wonder you’ve come waltzing in here putting on heirs of all kinds. I assure you, little boy, you may know my name…”. She transformed the wings on her back into a rocket jet and flew forward with greater speed than the man would’ve expected, grabbing the wrist of his sword hand with one hand and holding it back while she wrapped the other around his throat. "...But you have no idea who I am.”

The man struggled to breath under Morrigan’s impressively strong grip. He pressed his free hand against Morrigan’s shoulder, trying to push her back, but she would not let up. Her nails dug into his skin, keeping the pressure tight. As the man lost more and more air, he began to spasm wildly, his single wing fluttering crazily. It brushed close to Morrigan’s face, and in surprise she recognized the scent. It was a smell distinct to those of angelic heritage. And it was overpowering.

“Hetcheewww! Heh-Etcheww Etcheww!”

The momentary distraction was enough to cause her to loosen her grip, giving the man the chance he needed. He flung the succubus backwards, and raised his sword.

“I underestimated you. My name is Sephiroth. Let our true battle begin.”

He rushed forward, bringing his long sword down on top of her from a great distance. But she was ready. Transforming her wings into long wrist-mounted blades, she blocked his sword strikes and fought her way closer to him, whirling around as she blocked attacks from every side. Sephiroth kept up with her, keeping enough on her pressure with his sword, twirling in time with her parries, but could not stop her advance. However, once she came close to him, it only took another accidental brush of his wing to drive her back again.

“Hii-Tchewww! Eheh-Tcheww! Tcheew Etcheww!”

She retreated, holding her blades in front of her defensively as she flew backwards, knowing that in close combat a skilled swordsman could take advantage of such a distraction to deliver a crippling blow. To keep her distance, she began using her Soul Fist technique to fling glowing pink energy balls from her hand at Sephiroth. However, he now saw a weakness he could exploit, and had no intention of letting her get away. He dodged through the storm of projectiles, circling closer and closer to her. Finally he charged straight at her, leaping over her head in time to dodge a blast and smack her directly in the face with his wing. His black feathers swept over every inch of her nose, tickling its bridge, her nostrils, its inside and outside. He landed a fair distance from her and turned, chuckling.

“So, even a monster of your caliber cannot bear to be in the presence of even a one-winged angel.”

“It’s just…Atcheww! A minor…al-aller-gyTCHEWW! Hiietcheww Hii-Tcheew! My family h-has never, hehhh Heetchewww! reacted to your…Hiii-Iiitcheew, Hiii-Itcheww, HIIITCHIEEWWW!! your kind well…”

“Clearly. Somehow, it seems fitting that despite all that power you possess, you shall be beaten due to an inferiority inherent in your very species. Hm, perhaps after I’ve taken over my own world I shall return to this one and purge your entire race. Speed up the natural selection process.” Though he appeared to be delivering the standard evil villain monologue, his eyes were fixed intently on Morrigan’s face, which was contorting in an obvious struggle with a final sneeze. The instant he saw her take a sharp breath, rearing her head back, he charged forward to deliver a death-dealing blow. However, she was ready for him. Her wings rapidly transformed into multi-cannoned missile launchers, firing a blind barrage forward as she sneezed.


The majority of the missiles hit their target dead-on, as Sephiroth was not expecting her to be capable of launching such an attack. However, an additional result was that the impact sent feathers flying off his wing in all directions. Morrigan’s nose was still tingling from the earlier assault on it, and was unable to even remotely resist the air being suddenly filled with the angelic scent.

“Hi-Itchieeew! Hiiietchewww! Heeh-Eeeh-Etcheww! Heh-Tcheww Tcheew Atcheww Ah-Hehh-Sheww! Etcheww Hi-Tcheww Heetcheww Heh-Eh-TCHEEEW!”

Though injured from being essentially blown up, Sephiroth saw his opportunity for a genuinely free attack. Morrigan was doubled over, her hands covering her face in an attempt to stop the sneezing fit, her wings limp at her side. He ran forward and began viciously swinging his sword around.

“You pathetic little worm! I’ve had enough of your tricks. You will now bear witness to the full extent of heaven’s might! I will deliver judgment upon you with the wrath of a vengeful god!”

Morrigan watched Sephiroth swing his blade wildly through the illusion she had created, standing just a foot behind him. He was so caught up in his tirade that he didn’t seem to notice that the Morrigan he was cutting was suffering no visible damage. She was sure to squeal in mock pain with every strike, however, as the spell that created her illusion also made it mimic her every action. She knew she had to keep it at least acting as though it was being injured, or he would certainly catch on too quickly. Which is why she also knew that she couldn’t give in to the tickle still persisting in her nose. A sneeze now would break the illusion for sure, and she needed to get the jump on him. She kept her hands over her nose, trying to force back the feathery itch rampaging in her nasal passages. But it was no use, and she was only barely able to stifle several quick “Hiitchmmphs!” Fortunately, Sephiroth was too occupied with his rant to notice.

“You really thought you could defeat me? I am the pinnacle of evolution, an avatar for the world’s wrath, a son of the highest goddess herself! What chance could such vermin as you stand against me? What…Glllkk!”

Morrigan’s powerful Shadow Blade, her glowing wrist-mounted wing, pierced his back all the way through his chest. Morrigan leaned over and whispered into his ear.

“Hush now, little baby. Your mother’s calling. Time to go back to her.”

Sephiroth fell forward as the blade dematerialized, transforming back into Morrigan’s wings. Struggling to breathe, he was only barely able to sweep his sword at her, forcing her to jump back. As quickly as he could manage, he rose into the air, using his one wing to woozily fly out through one of the room’s many open windows. Morrigan watched him retreat, and then called out into the hallway of the castle.

“Lilith! I know you were watching. Would you be a dear and follow that rather impolite fellow? I believe he may have some of our friends held hostage somewhere.”

“Got it sis!”

Morrigan sighed and rubbed at her nose, which was no longer sneezy but still tickled. “My goodness, that was certainly more excitement for the evening than I was expecting.” She walked back to her throne, picking up one of the feathers Sephiroth had left behind.

“Troublesome little things. Hmm…You might make an interesting toy for some fun later, though. I wonder what kind of mischief I can get up to with you…”

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HAHA Sephiroth you bastard. I love how Morrigan totally owned him at the end. Cute sneezes throughout, I love the idea of her sneezing from the feathers/being allergic to angels in general. :D

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This. This is just something else! I've wanted to try something similar to this in the past, but I could never make it work. My hat's off to you, sir.

Feathers are just the best.

Now, I just have to ask... By any chance are you taking requests for future pair-ups? Or do you have them all planned out already?

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