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Sick Girl


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Aww, very cute!

Even though she isn't actually sneezing or blowing her nose, you've conveyed sickness very well. Her whole body makes a nice "Ugh, I'm sick," expression.

I hope we'll see more art from you in the future!

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Ohmygosh another artist hooray! She looks so cute and ill, poor thing. :winkkiss:

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Just a girl with a cold, a quick drawing. Hope you like!


wow this is a very cute pic!!! i like her messy hair!! :winkkiss:

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Mmm, pencil drawing... Very, very pretty. She looks so tired. <3 Like Cuity, I really like her messy hair.

Thank you for sharing!

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That is an awesome picture, well done :bday: Just wondering - was this photo your inspiration, by any chance? :) Your drawing made me think of that pic, which I quite like xP

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Aww, she looks miserable. And I love it! ;)

^Good catch by Kiwi, there.^ And if that photo was your inspiration you've done a great job of remodelling it! :)

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