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Getting the Sneezing out the way


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I had a BEAUTIFUL observation two days ago while I was helping out at this charity event. There were a group of volunteers and we had split up into groups to get stuff done. I was working with this guy, we'll call him Mike, and he was not super cute but not ugly either. He was about 5'10 wore glasses and had small brown eyes but really great dark wavy hair. He had the appearance of one of those sophisticated intellectual types. idk if this is making any sense. It's hard to describe the guy. Anyway, he was really nice and surprisingly funny.

So we were busy filling up the gift bags. We were on two separate sides but we were moving towards each other so it was easy for me to see his face. We had stopped talking for a moment because both of us were counting as we were filling the bags when I heard him sniff rather loudly. OBVIOUSLY, I looked over at him but he was still counting. False alarm, I thought to myself.

But then he sniffed again and let out a "heh" sound which caught my attention. This time Mike was in pre-sneeze torture. His eyes were shut closed ,his nostrils were flared and his fist was raised up over his mouth as he continued to gasp for about five seconds before letting out three violent and LOUD sneezes. I'm not sure if I can accurately spell them. I guess it was like "Aarghshh!!!! Aarghshh! AARGHSHH!" The third one he nearly screamed. I have to admit I'm not a fan of super loud sneezes, so the last one was kind of blah for me. But the way he looked afterwards was SO CUTE!

He stayed with his fist up to his nose still sniffling and looking a little tortured. It was as if he was waiting for another sneeze, which eventually came two minutes later after he'd relaxed a little and continued working. The last sneeze sounded just as the first and second. It wasn't until after the last sneeze that I felt compelled to say something.

Me: Bless you.

Mike: Thanks. I've had to do that all day. Glad I got it out the way.

I laughed to myself thinking...I'm glad you got it out the way too. :winkkiss:

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I think we're all glad he got them out of the way. LOL

Thanks for sharing, soooooo cute!!

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:rolleyes: Great obs. I like that image of him and his fist, almost as if he wanted to beat the sneeze out of himself.
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Hehe... I love "aargh!"-sneezes. Thanks for sharing! :rolleyes:

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So cute! Lovely obs, that whole pre-sneeze description was awesome. ;)

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Wonderful sneeze observation. Mike may not be supercute but he certainly makes up for it in his sneezes. It will be interesting to see if he sneezes the same way next time.

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