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Sweet scent (finished)


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Hey everyone, i started to read the manga immortal rain and i really want to give him an allergy aaevil.gif

though i don´t know if he will sneeze in the manga i started to write a little something tonguesmiley.gif hope you enjoy

this is him drool.gif


Sweet scent

His only possession are the sky, the earth and a broken-down violin.

Even so...he only loved someone once in his lifetime. But then Machika came.

Methuselah, the immortal...so he was called by the people.

His heart is sealed with an iron cross, it´s his punishment because he ate an angel.

His true name is Rain Jewlitt.

Machika Balfaltin, grand-daughter of Zol the Grim Reaper, bounty hunter was possessed of capture this immortal Methuselah. She wanted to fulfill her grandfather´s last wish. But something went the other way blushing.gif

His nose wrinkled. He sniffed. His right hand came up to rub at his irritated nose. He smelled something sweet. He sniffed again and slowly openend his eyes. The sunlight hit is green eyes immediately and sent him over the edge.


Oh that was kind of a weird feeling. The last time Rain had sneezed was 650 years ago, before he became immortal. But why does he sneezes now?? Doesn´t immortal also mean immune against colds and allergies?? Rain was confused and shook his head. He stood up and walked into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror. His long white hair was messy, like always. His face was normal but his eyes and his nose were red rimmed and itchy. He rubbed at his nose again and sniffed. He grabbed some toilet paper and blew his nose. He sighed and walked through the house - searching.

"Sniff...M-Machikaaa? Honey, where are you...sniff?? Hellooooo?" Rain rubbed at his eyes.

The door to the garden was open and Rain stepped out into the sunny day. He could see Machika sitting on the grass at the end of the garden. It looked like she was planting something. Sure he knew the flowers - lilies...Rain made it half-way through the garden. His nose was burning now, he stopped. His whole body trembled, his breath hitched and his head tilted back. Rain bent at the waist by the force of the sneezes.

"Huhh...hiih...HaakKsheww...sniff...EhhkShushch...ugh...sniff!" he was gasping for air.

Machika was shocked by the sudden sneezes from behind. Slowly she turned her head finding Rain still bent down breathing hard.

"Uhm...bless you?! Hun, are you ok?" she stood up and walked towards him.

what do you think?? blushing.gif

tbc bleh.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

thank you for liking it AsylumFlower :bounce:

here is some more...didn´t have much time to write more :winkkiss:

"Ugh...thanks. Kind of, I wonder why I´m sneezing...sniff." His nose started t burn more the closer Machika came.

"Uh-oh...stop please...I-I think you you are making m-me...HeekTchiii...sniff...sneeze...oh! Sorry." he turned to his right side not to aim his sneeze at Machika.

"Bless you baby!" Machikas eyes were wide. She had never heard or seen Rain sneezed before since they know each other.

She smiled ar Rains surprised and flushed face. She wanted to hug him but as she moved closer his breath itched again.

"Hiih...n-not a-again...HeeShuu...CHshahhh...ugh! Stop smiling that´s not funny." Rain rubbed harsh at his nose and blinking away some allergic tears. Machikas cheeks went red.

"Ah, I´m sorry, hun. Bless you! But the fact that I´ve never seen you sneeze before just make me a bit excited. I think you look really adorable!" He gave her a wondered look and moved an eyebrow.

"Hm, by the way what are you planting any way?" Rain held his hand over his nose and mouth not to inhale more of the sweet tickly scent coming from Machika.

"Lillies. They look lovely and smell wonderful. Don´t you think?"

"Does their scent smell sweet?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Because I think they make me s-sneeze...haah...HaahChoo...sniff!" he looked disgusted at his right hand.

hope i will find the time to write more...

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awww. That last line is a nice touch, I find it most adorable when the sneezer is disgusted with it... :twisted:

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Tehe :D

I love how you spelled out his sneezes,

makes me curious to read the manga *_*

Cute story so far :heart:

I'd really appreciate it if you continued :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

sooooo ya at least i have time for a bit more and...

i dedicate this part to LovelyLinda because we had such great chats so far in icq! love ya :geek:

"Guh, that´s really gross. Sniff. Ok, need to go to the bathroom and get rid of that...disgusting liquid..." Rain turned around and walked away.

"I´m coming too, honey." Rain stopped in front of the door.

"Uhm, Machika. Could you please trash these flowers. I´m very sorry but I don´t think I can stand them any longer. Uhh...HeeChii...sniff!" he sneezed to his right side, uncovered.

"Bless you! Oh, ok. That´s too bad. They are so beautiful. Well you can´t help it though." Rain disappeared in the house and Machika turned back to the flowers.

A bit sad she started to drag out her already planted lillies again. Meanwhile Rain washed his hands, looking into the mirror. His eyes were all red and teary. His nose was a shiny pink and it was still very itchy. He sighed heavy.

"Why in hell do I have to discover this allergy right now, 650 years later...that´s not fair...sniff!" Rain took some toilet paper to blow his nose.

Machika stood in front of the trashcan putting the lillies inside. Before she closed the can she took out a single small flower, grinning.

"I will keep only this one. Rain never gets sick and these were his only sneezes i had heard and seen so far. I think I deserve a bit more of those...because he really looks adorable when he can´t control himself!" Machika closed her hand carefully around the flower and walked to the house.

Rain was still in the bathroom so she went to the bedroom and hid the flower in a box which she put in her wardrobe...Rain came out of the bathroom and nearly stumbled backwards as a new cloud heavy with pollen hit his sinuses.

"Wahh...ahhh...HeekShuu...HaaShewww...ugh...sniff...HiiIshuu...HeeTshch...Tchiewww...oh-oh damnit...HaaTchaaa...sniff!" He had closed the bathroom door again, pressing more toilet paper over his mouth and nose.

"You ok, honey? Bless you!" Machika leaned her forehead at the bathroom door. She heard Rain blew his nose again and again.

I think I´ll go over to Eury and Ayla until the pollen are gone and you took a shower. Hope that´s ok for you because breathing is a bit hard for me now!"

that´s it for now hope you liked it :hug:

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For...for me? :innocent: Aww, ain't you a cutie, thanks a lot! *feels honoured*

Very lovely chats with you, indeed <3

I loved that line:

"I think I deserve a bit more of those..." :)

Gee, I think we also do, don't we?

I like the fact that he didn't have a clue for 650 years and now his allergies come out of nowhere x)

Uh, and I like the being disgusted by oneself part ^^

Keep going sweetie :hug:

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Aw, yay! You're writing again! I'm an idiot and didn't even realize it! This is a problem I will fix.

As usual, I love. :innocent:

I think Machika said it all: "...because he really looks adorable when he can´t control himself!"

Ah, yes. Yes.


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  • 2 months later...

well life is busy...sorry i was too lazy and i wasn´t sure how i would go on.

so enjoy the next bit and thanks for the comments @ Scion and LovelyLinda :lmfao:

"Yeah sure, no problem." Machika looked a bit sad but she also didn´t want to see Rain suffer too much.

She went back to the bedroom to get some clothes to change. She also took shorts ans a shirt for Rain. Again in front of the bathroom. Knock. Knock.

"Hun, here a clothes for you!" He opened the door a bit and his right hand came in sight. Machika put the clothes in his open hand.

"I´ll hurrs so you can use the sh-shower...HuuaaShch...guh...sniff! he closed the door again.

"Bless you! It´s ok." Machika sat on the couch in the living room eyes focused on the bathroom door. Some minutes passed and Rain opened it. He caught her gaze.

"I´ll be going now. Come over when you are done. I´m sorry...sniff." He sent a kiss through the air to her.

"Ok, see you later, sweetheart!"

Rain hastily left the house. He walked down the road, Eurys and Aylas house was only 10 minutes away. He sniffed the whole way and of course he still kept sneezing.


He stopped at their house and pushed the bell. His nose twichted. Before Eury opened the door Rain sneezed again forceful to his right side.

"Hih...HiitChiuuu...sniff!" When he straightened up again he met Eurys kind of shocked face.

"Uhm...bless you?!" Eurys expression said it all.

"Thanks. Don´t ask! I was just as surprised as you when I started sneezing my head off. May I come in?"

"Yeah, yeah sure...!" Eury smirked. So Rain also got a weakness...INTERESTING!!!

Rain walked inside straight to the living room. He settled on the couch with a deep sigh and massaged his temples. So much sneezing just gave him a slight headache. Eury stood in front of Rain looking at him still wondering.

"Ayla can you bring me a box of tissues, please?" said Eury.

"Sure hun." She wondered why but came into the living room just in time to see Rain sneeze into his cupped hands.

"Heeh...HeeTchuu...sniff...HaaChooo..ugh. I´m sorry!" he flushed a bit.

"Oh, ohhh...bless you Rain! Are YOU coming down with something? I never saw you sneeze before...since now. Do immortals get sick though?" She sat next to him and offered him some tissues. He took them gratefully and blew his pink nose softly.

"Thanks, Ayla! No, I´m not sick. But I have an allergy. I just forget about it over the 600 years. And today Machika caused me to sneeze again after such a long time." Poor Rain´s nose started to tickle again.

"I understand, but what are you allergic to?" she asked. Rain held one finger up to signal her to wait.

Meanwhile Rain was struggling with the sneeze Eury was in the kitchen getting them something to drink. He had never heard Rain sneeze before but it was kind of funny. Rain was always strong caused by his immortality and now Eury could see his only weakness made him feel a bit strong. Sure these thoughts are bad but this was Eury. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Rain starting to sneeze yet again.

"HuuhrShooo...HeeKchii...HaaCHch...guh...sniff...finally. Will this ever stop? It´s really annoying!" Ayla smiled visibly and gave him more tissues. Eury came back with a tray.

"Bless you, sneezy!" he smiled at him with an evil grin.

"Thanks. Are you laughing at me?" Rain asked with a really still congested voice.

"Well, I would answer this question with a 'yes'. I thought you don´t have any weakness! But here is the sneezy proof!" he sat down to Rain´s left side handing him a small bottle with water.

"Too kind of you, dude!" Rain glanced at him. "And to answer your question Ayla. Machika planted lilies in our garden and they are my sneezy problem! They look wonderful but they...t-they...heeh...HaaChuu...sniff...make me...me...HiiTchaaa...ugh...sneeze!" Rain sighed and kept blowing his nose.

"Ah, bless you, poor Rain!" said Ayla.


hope you like this bit^^

more to come when i have time :dead:

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Have I already told you how AWESOME this is?

I love it :)

I love the whole idea of Rain showing his weak side even though he is immortal.

And all the sneezing, good lord *_* This is so YUMMY!

I feel so spoiled :rolleyes:

Thank you so much for writing!

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Have I already told you how AWESOME this is?

I love it :laugh:

I love the whole idea of Rain showing his weak side even though he is immortal.

And all the sneezing, good lord *_* This is so YUMMY!

I feel so spoiled :lol:

Thank you so much for writing!

ahh thank you for your nice comment, sweety ^_^

i´m really glad you like this so much :cryhappy:

i try to get more done maybe this week...i HOPE!

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"Thanks. Are you laughing at me?" Rain asked with a really still congested voice.

Awww! What a cutie! I always like your character interactions. :D

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"Thanks. Are you laughing at me?" Rain asked with a really still congested voice.

Awww! What a cutie! I always like your character interactions. :)

oh Scion dropped by, thank you honey! :lol:

i´m feeling honoured because of your comment (although did i deserve it?) :laugh:

p.s.: hope to read more of you :)

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  • 4 months later...

I lost the interest here somehow so I wrote this fast end. Sorry for the VERY long wait anyway. In order not to be count as a not-writing-a-story-till-the-end-writer I wrote the last part. I think it sucks and it´s too short but what ever. Enjoy for all who read this.

Two hours passed and Rain recovered fast. The sneezing and sniffling became less and less.

"Seems to me everything is ok now with you!" said Eury.

"Yeah, I think so too." said Rain, breathing normally through his nose. The phone rang and Ayla answered it.

"Hey Machika. Yeah we are fine. Oh yes. Sure he is here. Wait.!" Ayla waved the receiver in Rains direction.

"Hello sweetheart. Yes, I´m fine again.Yes the sneezing had stopped. Did you aired the whole living room?

Ah that´s good. Ok, I´ll invite them. See you later. Bye!" Rain hung up and stepped in front of Eury and Ayla.

"Machika invited you two for diner this evening. Is that ok?"

"Of course, we love to come!" Ayla said and Eury nodded.

"Well then I´ll go now and thanks for the "shelter"! I really appreciate it!"

"Ah, no problem. See you this evening." said Eury and lead Rain to the frontdoor.

"Ok, bye then." said Rain and left.

Machika sat on the couch, playing with the small flower in her fingers. SMILING. LET´S HAVE SOME FUN!


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