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I'm a bad person and beg forgiveness....


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Hello, everybody. I'm Thaddeus, previously known as Jaques des Chapeaux IV, previously known as Jack of Hats IV. You may know my semi-success as a fiction writer from my series Across the Sultry Skies and my (awful) oneshot Seeing is Believing. I am now aware that I've been a terrible person on this forum.

For one thing, the promises I made - the BlazBlue fanfic I never wrote, the series finale I haven't started almost a year after its scheduled release (a delay only rivalled by the beautiful-but-deceitful mistress of gamers, Valve). I'm still fishing around for ideas for Sultry Skies 5, I've given up on the fanfic - I've let my supporters down. That's fault number one.

For another, I am now aware of my inactivity and lack of things to say in recent months on the forum. I lost the wit I tried to retain at the beginning, and now I'm just pompous-sounding. This is the way I talk on the net, however annoying, but in recent months I've contributed absolutely nothing, so it's inexcusable.

Finally, I want to apologise for the blatant promotion of my own work some people had recieved, a desperate attempt to supplement my own recognition in this forum.

I need ideas so Sultry Skies 5 can be published soon. Throw me literally any ideas.

Thank you, everyone, and may my sins be forgiven.

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Hey, don't worry about it. I think we're all guilty of self-advertising sometimes, myself especially. :P

As for other "sinful" things many people here have done, I haven't written anything decent-sized in what feels like a year, even though I've been meaning to for a very long time. I keep trying to work, but nothing comes. I don't think people will think you're cheating them if your writing takes a long time, especially other writers. We all know that inspiration can be very difficult to get a hold of, and occasionally it takes a painfully long time to strike.

And finally, for story ideas, I think I'll re-post one that I previously offered up, to refresh your memory...

I have a little idea for a scene, but it may be better if it comes later, after Annuziata's cold has had some time to develop.

She and Esme have warmed to each other a bit, and they are socializing in Annuziata's quarters. Both of them are considerably stuffed-up from their colds, so they both try inhaling some of Annuziata's hay fever powder. I recall you saying it was meant to clear the sinuses, so I assume it would work with colds, too, at least for the congestion. If they're having a bit of fun socializing before hand, maybe they could get a little carried away... :drool:

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Hi, you have done nothing to wrong me, but, since you're being such a noble forum-goer, maybe you could do with a good deed? I told another member- Glowie, that I might write a fic for her, I haven't. No one else has answered her thread (at least in public). Do you think you could possibly help her out? Many karma points await...

Hi guys, wow, I haven't been on these forums in months and months! I used to make fic requests quite a bit as I'm into a lot of (occasionally obscure)fandoms and I am usually wanting pretty specific content. Serveral of these requests in the past were honoured by lovely writers on here, and brilliantly as well. :laugh:

I'm very much hoping someone might want to take on this one too...

I'm totally in love with the friendship between Buffy and Giles in BtVS. I don't strictly 'ship them, but I like the idea of them having a very close, platonic bond (although I admit maybe I 'ship them slightly, cause I always end up resenting their various romantic interests in the show, lol). Anyway, even though I think I've only ever requested male sneezing, I would love to see a fic where Buffy is the one suffering, and Giles is there with her. It can be angsty, h/c stuff, or more fluffy, I don't really mind either way. As long as it contains closeness without too much of a father/daughter vibe, I'll be happy. Oh, and I usually have a preference for allergy sneezing, but there's something yummy about the Slayer succumbing to illness as well, so I'm easy with that choice too.

However, if someone wants to write a Buffy and Giles story with sneezy!Giles instead, I will certainly not complain. :P

Thanks, I so hope someone is inspired by this request! xx

(quoted from the thread "BtVS request" in this section of the forum)

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Well actions speak louder than words, so when you changed your name to "Long Awaited" then people should have known what they had let themselves in for.

But seriously, not finishing stories on this forum makes you a bad person? Oh dear. :P

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Hahaha I agree with Vetinari ;) I have a fic on fanfiction.net that I was working on for awhile, but college hit and BAM! went my motivation lol :shy: I haven't really thought of any good plots for the sf forum so I haven't written much...I feel selfish reading everyone else's works when I don't publish much :unsure:

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