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Ex-gf sneeze....


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Hello everyone, long time no posty!

Well I'm back because I have another obs from my ex, I know most of my posts have been about her but hell why not? She is my favourite sneezer after all! She visited me today and it was an 'on-edge' kind of day for me, let me explain!

She gets hayfever as it is, not badly but enough to make her sneeze a bit more during the summer, although I would say she is quite a regular sneezer anyway. I think it was affecting her today because she was quite sniffly and was rubbing her nose a lot throughout her visit. She sounded quite congested but I don't think it was a cold.

Several times during the day she would rub her nose and moan that her nose was annoying her or feeling tickly. At one point she was leafing through a book of mine and she suddenly inhaled sharply and stifled a quiet 'Hep-nng-shoo" which was cute. It was not as wet or forceful as her usual stifles but still well worth seeing. Sadly she continued to complain about her nose but didn't sneeze any more :D Later on I sprayed some deoderant and she mentioned that it was tickling her nose but alas nothing!

She sometimes tells me that she reckons the hayfever season has started as she is sneezing more than usual and told me once that she had a sneezing fit of about 8-10 sneezes on a bus so what with summer almost upon us and the pollen count rising I am living in hope of seeing another sneezing fit from her.

Fingers crossed!


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Spraying deodorant to make her sneeze? That's the attitude! It's great when fetishist takes the matter on his hands.

Nicely done! Keep us updated.

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