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Alright, so as some of you know, I have recently confessed my fetish to my bf. Since then, I have come down with an awful cold and have been complaining about it to him. So the other day he texted me: What can I do to make your day? Btw, I sneezed today. I replied: Aw, and I missed it?! That would've made my day, but that comment was the next best thing!

But that's not even the best part! Yesterday he joined me for a video game party with some friends. Once that ended (at about midnight) we returned to my dad's to hang out and play a few more video games. (He lives about an hour away from me, so we arranged for him to sleep on my dad's couch that night - meaning we had the living room to ourselves for basically as long as we wanted!) After we got bored with video games, we started, well, goofing around a little. I finally agreed to let him kiss me, since I seemed to be getting over my cold. And - I don't remember how it happened - he decided that he wanted to sneeze for me! So of course I was grinning like a fool.

He said, "I need some dust, or a light or something." He asked me for a flashlight and I gave him one. Apparently he saw something on a science TV show that said shining a bright light up your nose for a long time can irritate your nose and make you sneeze.

"Have you tried it before?" I asked, only half joking.

He shook his head. Then he tilted his head back and shined the flashlight up his nose. :clapping: It was a little odd, but hey, if I was going to get to see a sneeze, I didn't care! It went on for several minutes. "I can feel it tickling," he said. But it never got further than that. So I got impatient.

"I have an idea," I said. I jumped up and got a box of tissues from the cabinet, pulled one out, and rolled the corner of it to form a long skinny tip. Then I turned around and gave it to him, grinning.

"What am I supposed to do? Just stick it up my nose?"


And he did! I watched, rapt, and I thought the anticipation would kill me. His eyes fluttered a couple times, and every once in a while his breathing would change, ever so slightly, but nothing happened.

"It tickled, but it's not working. I need some pepper to sniff."

I was reluctant to let him sniff pepper because I was pretty sure it would hurt. But he insisted. And who am I to argue with him? :) So I jumped up, ran to the kitchen, and returned with the pepper shaker. He sprinkled the pepper onto a tissue, brought it to his nose, and inhaled. Again, my eyes were glued to his face. He frowned. Again, his eyes fluttered, his breath hitched... and nothing happened!

"Here, do you want to try this too?" I asked, holding out the tissue.

"Yeah, sure," he said. He tickled his already irritated nose with the tissue. "I can feel it... it tickles a lot, but it just won't come out!"

Imagine my disappointment! He blew his nose a few times, then decided he needed to "get the pepper further back", and so he tried again! This time, he poured the pepper into his hand, and inhaled deeply. The same thing happened. He got so far as a soft "Heh..." before the tickled died. Disappointed, he blew his nose again.

I had no idea that it could be that hard for a person to induce a sneeze! But, come on, he tried SO HARD! And that in and of itself was pretty darn sexy! So when he apologized for not being able to sneeze for me, I said, "That's ok. It's adorable that you want to sneeze so badly. I love it that you're trying so hard for me!"

But you can imagine my reaction when he texted me today, after he had returned home, and said, "I sneezed 2 times today!" :D Why do I have no luck? Why do the sneeze gods hate me? :D

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Inducing with a flashlight? :P That's... interesting. :drool: Too bad it didn't work. At least you got to experience some pre-sneeze stuff... but I'm sure that just made it all the more torturous. Be patient, he'll have to sneeze around you at some point! He sounds like a doll for trying so hard for you.

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Pepper and tissues work SO well for me, and NOT for my bf...he needs a pointier thing...we use the stick side of an incense stick (not the incense side). Try that?

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Literally the only thing that works for me is a clothes tag-like those plastic T-shaped ones...sooo good xD

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! I may have to make him try those next time we're together! :blushing: I don't have any incense though... still, I like those better than his idea, which is to be inside in a dark room and then go out and look at the sun. He says it works, and I know there are photic sneezers, but he's not really one of them, and in my experience, those things tend to not work very well. Idk, I guess we'll just have to see what happens!

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