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I cannot s-stop, Brother...

Graham Cracked

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So, I promised fanart for my story, and I really wanted to do one of both the Twins...but nothing I drew looked good...I don't even like how this came out, but...>//////< Be gentle...

Also, is it bad that I favor one twin over the other? I love the higher pitched one...xD


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And sorry for the post that just said 'So I' for about a minute there...I hit something that automatically posted it before I could do anything else. xD

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I saw that and I thought it was just taking a really long time for the picture to load. :P But aw, I love it. Nose wrinkles = :laugh:

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^^ Danku~

I'm working on another one right now, which I'm probably gonna keep in pencil sketch form [though I dunno just yet], and it's both of the twins, one pre-sneeze and one post, sort of back-to-back to each other. I have a feeling that one'll be much better, since it's making me practice the face contortions and such.

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