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Hi all! I'm sliding out of my lurking to post a rare self-obs that's unfolding as I'm typing this.

My mom's cooking some sort of pork and rice dish for dinner tonight that has a LOT of garlic in it, or at least it smells like it. For the last hour I've been studying in the living room, and the garlic smell is so overpowering! It's one of those things where you can taste it as much as you can smell it. I feel like garlic is coating the back of my throat.

It was kind of a lovely smell at first, but after ten or so minutes it started irritating my throat and eyes. I tried to ignore it (our living room is really the only place I can get internet) and have been rather successful. At least, for a little while.

About half an hour ago my breath started hitching and I caught a sneeze that snuck up on me - a soft huh-ESSH that I managed to catch against my shoulder. I didn't think much of it until a minute or so later when I felt another one building. I was more prepared and caught a double in my hands, soft, ticklish sneezes a lot like the first.

This was odd enough, since I hardly ever sneeze more than once a day, especially not within the space of a few minutes! Ever since then I've been sneezing every few minutes in groups of two or three, but none of them are doing much to stop the tickle. :P

I retreated to my room to let some of the sneezes go a few minutes ago, and they got a lot harsher and wetter, more like a huh-KESCH! h-KESCH! I've had to come back out to the living room for email and stuff, and the tickle is back like nobody's business. I've sneezed three times while typing this up - thankfully they're quiet enough that my family hasn't noticed. That would be mortifying.

Anyways! I swear I'm not a vampire, haha. But here's to garlic!

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Oh man, I love garlic!!! Sorry, and hope it isn't too bad for you, but thank you for telling us all about it!! :P

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Nice obs -- garlic makes me sneeze, too (or at least it used to), so I know what you're saying. :lol:

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Usually the garlic and some spices when put on fire produces more than a sneeze and tickling overwhelming. Here in Mexico we have a variety of spices that produce countless sneezing. I think you should spend the cooking recipe :lol:

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