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For the last few weeks I always seem to be rediculously tired and sneezy on wednesdays, I can't count the times I've mused if I'm getting sick only to wake up on thursday feelin' fine. It's almost getting disappointing now. Must be allergic to "hump day"

Anyway on with the obs!

I woke up late this morning, groaning and feeling cold just peering over the quilt out at the grey sky. My head felt fuzzy as I dragged myself around getting ready and hopping into the car. My mouth felt stuffed with cotton wool, and my throat a little sore as I drove, so I decided to suck on a cough-drop.

Arriving at work I dived right into loading an outgoing delivery, out in the bitterly cold wind that ate through my polar-fleece and had me in search of my woolen gloves. It was now that my nose started to run.

Sniffling and shivering I continued my work until the inevitable sneeze arrived, Hiit-chew!, into the crook of my arm followed by continued sniffing.

A bit later on during morning tea, I sat hunched over my coffee and a crossword when with very little warning a desperate double escaped, the second wetter than the first and leaving a bit of mess on my sleeve. I sniffled, embarrassed to have sneezed so obviously and loudly, then got up to put my cup away and blow my nose. I tried to be subtle, but it made a congested wet sounding "pfsscht"

Then back to the table only to be hit with another sneeze, high pitched and girly, and yet more sniffles. Followed by another equally wet noseblow.

The sneeziness stuck around all day, not helped by the breeze, the intermittent burst of sun (great for a photic) and the cold which had me constantly sniffling. I don't think I sneezed again, but it was torturously close a few times.

From lunch my throat felt dry and I had a few attempts at coughing, although I feel fine now. :cheers:

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that is very odd... do you do anything different on wednesdays or the day before? maybe you're allergic to something

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