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Bless you vs. Gesundheit


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Yeeessss. He is so cute. It suddenly got super warm here in the Midwest and the trees are having sex like crazy. I mean like, pollen everywhere. I was having lunch with my boyfriend and some other friends today, and he had finished eating and was on his laptop. His arm was around my waist and I was hugging him with my head on his shoulder. Then, he turned away really abruptly and pulled his shirt collar over his face.


My friend across the table said, "Bless you!"


"Bless you! Or, gesundheit, I mean; that makes more sense."

"Thanks," he replied. After a pause, he said, "yeah, I don't really get why you would need to bless someone. I get god bless you more, I guess. Gesundheit makes more sense, because it's like, good health."

My friend said, "I always say bless you instinctively, though. Force of habit. Someone I know always says back, 'what are you, a priest?'"

"Either way is alright, I guess. It's just polite."

I thought about that all through my next class, and when I saw him forty minutes later, he was talking about something and the word 'ballot' came up, but he couldn't think of the actual word. He was talking, trying to figure it out, when a sneeze interrupted him by surprise, but he caught it (and the following ones) in his arm. "Ballad... ballad--tCHH! ...Haht'CHHuh! HUH'CHHue!"

Rubbing his back, I said, "Gesundheit."

"Mmm, so much sneezing. Thanks."

"You okay?"




I'm sure it was, though. His nose was pink all day. Adorable.

This obs wasn't as long or full of wit as the last ones were. Sorry!

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Oh those sound so cute. :blushing: I love how he totally denied having allergies. I don't know anyone who sneezes five times in the same hour without having allergies or inducing. :blushing:

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Ahhh, you and your boyfriend kill me. I just sit here grinning like an idiot because of the adorableness. I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU GUYS! :laugh: When he was like: "Mmm, so much sneezing. Thanks." :blushing: That's almost too cute! And then when you asked if had allergies and he was like, "Nope." Gaaaaaaaah. Man, your obs make me so freaking happy...and jealous. :blushing:

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AAHHHH thank you thank you!!! Yes! He always totally denies that his allergies are bothering him until it gets too bad for him to hide anything. Like I mean, sniffling-every-five-to-ten-seconds bad. Sometimes I'll ask him if it was allergies after he sneezes, and every time, "nope". But most of the time, I'm sure it is. And it totally melts me, you guys. Ahhh!!

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Awww, thank you :lmfao: I'm glad you think so. Today at lunch, everyone at the table was sort of talking (although there were several lulls) and he kind of mumbled "wait," and held a finger up then looked at the ceiling (lights?) with his lips slightly parted and his eyes squinted. Everyone was looking at him and he stayed that way for a few seconds until he realized people were staring, then started laughing and explained, "I was gonna sneeze."

Damn, so close!!

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